Skill trees locked behind Attack Components?

So it looks like in EVERY Skill tree you are stuck wasting a skill point on an Attack component for you action skill. So I feel like that sucks on 2 levels. The first being that most of the later attack components just look better. I know this will not be the case in all situations but still.
Cross comparable skills. Some trees have passives that are comparable with Attack Components from half way down a different tree. That makes me feel like we will have dead skill points at the start of each tree just to get started.
I know it is only one skill point but Higher difficulty in previous game shows the community is all about that min Maxxing life.
I feel like these components should have a sepreat unlock system and maybe they do but at first glance it looks like they chose Skill points which sucks.

Where does one go to look at the skill trees ahead of time?

Just go to YouTube you should be able to find videos on Zane and Amara

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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It looks like Augment skills are free of charge, you can choose two for one Action Skill.

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So when I unlock my action skill I just get the arguments and then choose which one to equip? If so that is amazing and 10000% better.

The only thing that makes me think otherwise is there are 3 different slots and they appear mutually exclusive. Looking at Amara’s it looks like you haft to unlock the base then proceed.
From what I saw you have attack, effect and elemental slots for you Skills attack determines how you skill is used, effects are what happens as a consequence of your skill, and elemental is the type of damage your skill and effects will do after activating.
If I get all those for free I’m all for it as it let’s me customize freely for min maxing :):smile:

Yeah, it’s hard to be sure if you can’t interact with the skill trees. One more day and it’s should be clear.

The skill augments (and alternative skills) are unlocked once their respective tier is unlocked.
(ie: For Moze’s ‘General Winter’ minigun augment, you’d have to put 10 points into her Bottomless Mags skill tree.)