Skills and Class Mods...Please Explain

I keep seeing explanations that vary on the actual answer. So I am curious if anyone here can give a definite direct and to the point answer.

When applying Class Mods in BL3, if the Class Mod adds points to a Skill that you have not Unlocked or spent any points on, does it give you the bonus for that Skill?

Perfect example. I have a Class Mod for FL4K that has 3 Skill Bonus’. However, I have unlocked and put points into only two if those skills. The 3rd Skill I haven’t spent enough points to cause the color bar to move far enough down to unlock the Skill to be able to apply points.

As I stated…I am getting mixed answers to how this actually works. Because I want to say in BL2 you actually had to spend points to actually get the bonus from a Class Mod.

Can confirm: you do not need to spend a point in a skill in BL3 for a class mod to activate it (so early in the game, class mods that hit lower-level skills are great, since they tend to be more interesting, and you can get them ‘early’).

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