Skills "Hidden Machine" & "The Power Inside"

I don’t understand these skills. They seem to just tack on an extra set amount of damage, not a percent… an extra 25 or 30 damage is completely laughable at high levels. Is there something I’m missing here or is this supposed to be a percent and the devs who put this website together jacked up?

There’s supposed to be a percentage sign. You can see it on the videos that Joltzdude and KillerSix got to make with the actual, in-game skill trees. And we’ll probably see it in some of the FL4K footage we got today but I haven’t combed through any of it yet. Moze was missing percentage signs on a lot of her magazine size skills too


That’s a crazy increase then. 30% + 25% from the other skill plus other skills and the extra crit from being invis while using Fade Away makes FL4K by far the most overpowered VH. And that’s not even mentioning their pet.

What about the damage that Rakk Attack does? It just says 35 dmg. Any idea how that translates into actual dmg against enemies?

The damage on abilities seems to show up as a flat number, but it increases in the skill tree as you level. So you always know how much it’s doing at your level. The math of the scaling is probably something people will figure out when the game releases, I don’t have a head for it personally

Yeah both were edited to have a % so that answers that.