Skills Moze Never Uses that Need BUFF or Rework

If we are not going to get another Skill Tree in BL3 year two. My suggestion for Moze would be to improve the below skills so that they are actual, viable OPTIONS for build diversity.

And these can’t be half measures or they will remain …basically…useless. Will have to be really GOOD options that would make a player THINK about choosing them.

So Pick a skill and give me some suggestions and I will put together a product improvement request and send it to 2K/GB

Matched Set
Selfless Vengeance
Full Can of Whoop Ass
Behind the Iron Curtain
Force Feedback
Why Can’t I Carry All of These Grenades
Explosive Punctuation


I will start out.

Matched Set
Add onto the existing bonuses 6% Gun Damage Boost for each point

Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades
10% Grenade Damage boost per point
5% Grenade Damage RADIUS per point


Rocketeer COM should come with skill point to spec into Auto Bear.


My ideas:

Matched Set
Small boost to 15%…less gear needed for bonus (Old - 3 for 30%, New - 3 for 45%)
Selfless Vengeance, E. Munitions, CoL, FitSD
Boost all fire damage to 25%, combined they give you 100%.
Full Can of Whoop Ass
All allies get 25% shield regen as long as you’re in Iron Bear. When you get out, you get 25% for 15 seconds.
Behind the Iron Curtain
Increases shield damage resistance by 15% perk rank (does not work for health).
Force Feedback
25% shields per kill (critical or not)
Why Can’t I Carry All of These Grenades
(In addition to extra grenades) Boosts grenades by 50% per point by consuming 1/2/3 extra grenade per rank. (Makes up for the fact that Moze can’t use ‘150% Grenade Dmg ASA’)
Explosive Punctuation
Killing while in Iron Bear decreases its cooldown by 0.3 seconds per rank, with a cooldown of 2 seconds (like Salvador’s “Get Some”)

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I feel like this would have the same effect as Head Count used to and Eager To Impress does now. It shows you gaining cooldown while Gamma Burst or Fade Away is active and resets on ASE.

Explosive Punctuation
When Moze deals Splash Damage, her Action Skill Cooldown Rate is briefly increased. Reduces the time it takes to enter and exit Iron Bear.

Action Skill Cooldown Rate: +8/16/24/32/40%
10/20/30/40/50% less time to enter and exit Iron Bear


I never. thought about that…its exactly like Eager to Impress, but I was basing my version on Salavador.

I feel like it benefits Moze more, since she has such long cool downs.

It most certainly would, maybe they can allow cooldown returned while IB is active not reset?

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Somewhere in the SoR tree I’d like to see the ability to have Security Bear’s bubble shield take on whatever special effects your currently equipped shield has, but I’m not sure where a good place would be… somewhere down near the bottom though.

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What is the latest, “best” method to officially give the developers some suggestions on product improvement.

Is it under Gearbox/Shift? Or do you have to do it under a 2K account?


If you file any kind of support ticket for BL3. it goes through 2K support - doesn’t matter which link you use.

You can also just post the suggestion on the forums here, although it’s unlikely you’ll get any kind of acknowledgement here.

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I’ll throw some ideas.

Matched Set:
Moze’s currently equipped weapon gains bonus magazine size and other bonus for every piece of equipped gear that has a matching manufacturer.

At 5/5
Magazine Size: 10% per matched gear.
COV: -20% Heat per Shot per matched gear.
Dahl: +5% Recoil Reduction?? per matched gear.
Hyperion: +5% Handling?? per matched gear.
Jakobs: +5% Critical Damage per matched gear.
Maliwan: Adds 20% of the current weapon’s damage as Elemental Damage per matched gear.
Tediore: +15% Reload Speed per matched gear.
Torgue: 3% Splash damage per matched gear.
Vladof: +3% Fire Rate per matched gear.

(sponsored by…anyone?)

Force Feedback:
Moze gain a chance to ignore damage that would otherwise kill her. In addition to not taking damage from the attack Moze will Regenerate 60% of her Max Shield.
At 1/1
F.F chance: 30-40%

(Like Axton’s Grit)

Explosive Punctuation
Im not sure about this one, maybe change it to A.S cooldown Time instead of A.S cooldown rate. 0.1 second per skill point (with an internal cooldown of 0.7 secs)

When Moze deals Splash Damage, her Action Skill Cooldown Time is decreased.
At 5/5
A.S Cooldown Time reduction: 0.5 seconds

Moze gains increased grenade damage for every grenade missing from her grenade supply, she also gets max grenade capacity.

At 3/3
Grenade capacity: +3
Grenade damage: up to +70% or +100%

(Like Click Click but based on grenade count or "Doppelganger’ skill Just Compensation)

Another one that is not in your list, Desperate Measures:
When Moze health is below 80% she deals increased weapon damage against enemies above 80% health, if Moze’ health is below 50% the bonus is tripled.
At 3/3
Weapon damage: 12%

“We’re on the rip-off path now”


Love it…but I’m not sure this one would fly…feels like a whole lot of programming to me but I just don’t know.

This is really cool.



It’s great and creative thinking…love it!.


Looks like a TON of programming.

I am reminded of the KISS Principle that was drilled into my thick skull in the Army.

I will add this one but I think we need to look at creative and fairly easy things that could be done.

If only for practicality.

The programmers will have a limited time and budget they can play with. I fear that “hard to do stuff” …regardless of how good…would be quickly trashed…


Let Gearbox worry about that…let people have fun coming up with ideas…some of these are really interesting.


Why cant i find an use for all these skills.
Sorry, i had to make the pun.

Speaking of, Why cant i carry all these grenades, is a skill i brought an idea upon in another thread, here:
Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades needs a BUFF!

For comodity sake i’ll write it here too, with a small tweak i just thought of:
+1 Grenade thrown at once, per point. -10% grenade throwing speed, per point

(the throwings per second reduction is to both give the FPS some breath, and also let you sabour each fistfull you throw properly rather than spamming willy nilly, midly midly mow.)

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oh i LOVE this idea.
Simple and effective.
If the damage bonus is noticeable, and not some sort of “up to 20%” when maxed out and 1 grenade left, then this would be awesome.
Imagine tossing your last grenade for 200% damage boos, that would be filthy delicious.


A fine idea i just had:
Full can of whoop ass could keep the shield recharge bonus for teammates DURING THE IRON BEAR DURATION, making not just yourself tankier inside bear, but also your mates outside. After exiting iron bear, you get the buff for 15 seconds, an ok duration. Enough time to force the cooldown of a new bear lol

If the Rocketeer COM wasn’t already so powerful, I would have suggested applying FCOWA while Autobear is active as well. It would create an alternative approach to sustainability for 1HP builds.

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