Skills or items that affect drone or clone damage

I recently found out that Trick of the Light boosts your drone’s damage, but does nothing for the clones damage.
This got me wondering: are there any other skills or items that affect clone or drone damage, fire rate or reload speed, or interact in any other way?

I’ll start of with the stuff I know interacts favourably:

  • Trick of the Light: As said, trick of the light boosts drone damage.
  • Melee artifacts: Known by most, but I’ll include it anyway: the clone’s melee damage counts as your own, and can trigger artifacts such as the Knife Drain, Cutpurse and shields such as the Shooting Star.

Low hanging fruit but I’ll add DonnyBrook affects clone damage.

Hmmm, trick of the light should work as “Which one’s real” seems like it seems specifically made to play into it.

I suppose Action Skill damage should buff it, though I never thoroughly tested it.

As far as I know, Trick works with Which one’s Real in that it gives you bonus damage when enemies are targeting the clone, but it doesn’t buff the clone at all. On the other hand, it seems to constantly buff the drone’s damage. It’s a pretty weird and inconsistent skill overall…

I also found out ASE annointments add to drone damage.

The weirdness there is partially a result of how the game treats the clone as an ally who happens to proc your skills, and the drone is treated as an extension of Zane

Loaded dice reduces the digi-clone health by the same amount it does for Zane (much as what people report for Moze and Iron Bear or Fl4k’s pets). Probably is tied to Zane’s max HP. The clone also seems to regenerate HP on kill, much like the Otto Idol (someone reported this effect on the Loaded Dice in another post - Prismatic's Gearology and Math). I am trying to farm for a + luck and + health one, since Zane already has Donnybrook for passive HP regen on him and clone and the clone melts really fast with the -75% HP, even with Boom Enhance.

Seein Dead and Fractal Frags turn your clone into a grenade machinegunner. It also stacks indefinitely Good Misfortune, bypassing diminishing returns.

Fractal Frags grenades do not damage you, but Drone Delivery does.

Jericho, and I guess other splash, self damages the player if wielded by the clone.

On Drone Deployed, and I guess Clone Deployed, Barrier Deployed augments carry over to the clone. Only seen with the cryo damage drone augment.

Facepuncher with the clone triggers things like melee relics or roid as well.

Distributed Denial does not work if holding the barrier save for booster shields and passives (so novas/impaler do not work if holding it).

All shields effects on empty/fill activate with the cloneas he gets an exact copy of your shield.

Both rocket augments become cryo if using Winter’s Drone.

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Clone with facepuncher proccs white elephant grenades, but not melee elemental buffs or commander planetoid from artifact.

The highest damage ive beem able to get with clone is actually facepuncher with brawler ward and 300% melee damage on depletion with white elephant artifact.

Clone will deal upwards of 20k a shot and damage from grenades.

I think I saw the clone proc static charge/ Shooting star with the face puncher, but never paid close attention to Planetoid. I may have seen it proc Cryo with a Cryo Stone CP, will check later as I am curious now.

I also have a FP with terror on melee anointment, but I don’t remember it proccing with the clone.

From what I understand, the Drone counts as action skill damage but the Clone is only boosted by gun, grenade and melee damage boosts.

No. The Jericho has a specific glitch that allows the secondary explosives to deal friendly fire. Splash damage from any normal weapon the clone is using can hurt the clone but not the player (so you can give the Clone a Nukem if you feel like it. However, since it still damages the clone you’ll have to keep on swapping to get him the healing from Quick Breather, otherwise he’s gonna die after like 2 shots).

I believe bonus elements on nade and shield both give bonuses to drone and clone. Might need double checking, but it should.

Although kind of weird one of them has to end to give the other the bonus… lol

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Ouch! So that is why I keep dying only with the Jericho. I just thought it carpetbombed so I got hit more often by it. (was also how I found about the cryo drone damage anointment - this happened with the Red Suit)

Good to know!

Just tested: the clone is both proccing Static Charge AND the on-melee Terror anointment with a Facepuncher (I am gaining Terror stacks with only the clone attacking, I see the chain lightning, and I also hear the Knife Drain sound on my Static Charge). It happens even if I unequip SC (the clone stops proccing the effect), but if I equip it again, it starts proccing once more. I slided before summoning the clone, exited the menu, summon clone, starts chaining, then unequip, stops chaining. I also get ammo with my Cutpurse relic if the clone is using the Facepuncher. Commander Planetoid and cryo stone however does indeed not proc, so I was mistaken.


Does the clone still get a bonus against frozen enemies from the icebreaker artifact?

the clones melee counts as your melee, any melee items you have on he can proc.

I never got into the terror builds, what exactly is the terror annoint he is proccing, is it on facepuncher?

This is the first time ive seen the clone benefit from ANY annointment, i didnt think it was possible.

The “25% chance to gain terror on melee” on the Facepuncher, but I am the one gaining the terror, plus the chain lightning from Static Charge.

Interesting, were you holding facepuncher too or only clone?