Skills or items that affect drone or clone damage

Now that I am checking paying attention to that, I think I need to be holding an item with such anointment, so it´s not the clone benefitting from it directly.

Were you shooting facepuncher too?

No, just holding it to keep the anointment active

You don’t need to. The clone’s melee attacks count as your melee attacks, and should trigger all ‘on melee’ anointments and artifacts. In this case, you (not your clone) need to have a ‘terror on melee’ item equipped, and your clone’s facepuncher will trigger it.

I am asking because the clone interactions seem so varied.

Ive tested melee annointments before, but not terror ones.

Ive held guns with 100 % melee bonus one ase and had clone equipped with facepuncher.

In my testing the clone did not benefit from that annointment.

That’s correct. The clone does not inherit the anointments BUT if you hold a weapon with ‘on melee’, a clone with a facepuncher will trigger that anointment because it still counts as YOUR melee.

Basically, his damage counts as your damage. But your anoints/damage don’t count as his.

That’s probably why the Static Charge will proc when the Clone does melee/Facepuncher but doesn’t reset your static charge.

Small update: the clone does not get either health regen from artefacts; dropped one which had HP regen and I could not see it increasing HP after speccing out of Donnybrook, using CCC to keep the AS up for a while. The HP boost is likely minimal.

I also tested the Omniloader, it does not recharge your guns with the clone recharging.

Static charge: It seems that I must have done my previous test wrong. I equipped it on a fresh load, and it seems that it works provided you have slided with Static Charge equipped in that map. The conditions seem a bit unclear to me but if I slide, see the sparks, then summon a clone with facepuncher, it zaps. If I load a new game, change maps, put SC, then summon, it sometimes works, sometimes doesn´t, and if I then unsummon clone, slide, resummon, it zaps enemies. Odd.