Skin Bug Backpack [RESOLVED]

So here is the Problem. I killed a few bosses and some of them left those Skin Items. Those Items go in your backpack and you’re supposed to unlock them in the Backpack by clicking on them. I did and the item disappeared but when I try to customize my Char those items are not there. Does anyone Haas the same Problem? I play on PS4

Are you sure the skin was for your current character? If it works the same way as all the other games, there’s a random chance that items will be for a different character than who you’re currently playing.

Oh crap, I did not know that this can happen. Thought all those customization Items would be for the current Char. So this might be it. I got a few items that worked for fl4k but the last 3 or 4 I picked up didn’t. Well maybe this is it, at least I hope… Thank you😊

funny I was just thinking whats the point of skins in a first person shooter? Don’t get to see the avatar unless i’m in the menu. Or am I missing something?

It’s borderlands. The expectation is that you’ll be in co-op more than half the time you spend on the game, so visual changes differentiate you from other players.

Your right! hadn’t thought of that being solo only . If you can see skins then I see the allure.

Yep, checked the other chars, the Skins where for them, so no Bug just me not knowing things… :smile:

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