Skin Bug - Nisha

So this happened with Nisha but perhaps it could happen with any character. I am playing with my girlfriend, she is player 1. She got a pink skin from the ground and she bought a spirit maliwan skin for Nisha from the vending machine. I checked online, these skins are available for her. She unlocked it but it does not appear in the skin machine. Why?

I have no idea why this is happening, try leaving the game then rejoining back

Has she used the skins? Its kinda hard to follow what problem you have exactly, but when you acquire a customization item (ie a head or skin) as a drop or a purchase in the vending machine, they go into your inventory, but don’t unlock for your character (show up in the skin machine) until you actively scroll over to them in your inventory and activate them with the a/x/leftmouse button.

If this isn’t your issue could you please clarify?

The problem is simple: I buy/achieve a skin. I unlock it. It is not in the skin machine. This happens to Nisha but not Athena. I can’t unlock any skins for Nisha, they just don’t appear. This is the Handsome Jack collection, Pre-Sequel

A short list of possiblities (not counting straight-up bugs):

  1. The skin was actually for a different class (not so common in PS compared to 2, but it happens)
  2. The skin item in your inventory hasn’t been used - esp if you sold all non-starred items at a vendor, which will typically include skins, too
  3. When a skin is unlocked, it is added to the ‘profile’ file (which tracks unlockables, BAR, keys, and selected character). If a game/console crash would cause your session to end before you saved, or you copied a backed-up profile for whatever reason, the unlock items and skins themselves would both be lost.

…if it is a straight-up bug, nothing we can really do here on the forums. If you know what they were, you could put out feelers that you want to trade for them.