Skin Gold Keys at kiosk show "Content Not Found"

Hmmm…entered the gold keys and were accepted. In Concordia they show up on the Shift Kiosk…but when clicked it says “Content Not Found” for the skins. The guns included in the GK work just fine. Have ALL the skins been removed or disabled? It’s annoying that they show up on the kiosk but you can’t use or activate them…they just sit there.

IIRC when you redeem SHiFT codes for skins, they go straight into your profile. Go check the Quick-Change station for the characters involved.

That’s exactly what I thought. But. The shift station says “you have unlocked” skin, head etc etc and Go to quick change after “redeeming”. Below it says the Green button to redeem. I click the green button to redeem and walla! “Content Not Found” I have posted this question both at Gearbox Facebook and Twitter and have been completely ignored. Hmmmm…quite annoying.

But are the heads and skins in the Quick-Change regardless? Because I seem to recall that’s where I found mine.

Those are really just PR channels. If the heads/skins aren’t in the Quick-Change, issues with redeeming SHiFT codes etc. should go to the official support site:


TPS on 360/PS3/PC:

See that’s the thing…nothing in the quick change kiosk. As I said earlier…guns included it the GK worked fine…they show up seperately in the shift station in concordia and redeemed fine. It’s only the skins. “Content Not Found” at the shift station and NOTHING in the quick change kiosk. For keys that came with guns only part could be redeemed.

No idea then, but the support folks should be able to help clear things up.

Just created a ticket…Thanks so much for your input. Have great day!

I don’t remember what it was exactly but I’ve had some issues with the kiosk when I’ve gone into the game before the game had authenticated my shift profile in the main menu.