Skin idea for shayne

I think shayne should have a skin where she is gaige and aurox is death trap what do yall think

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That sounds pretty sick to me although I am wishing that they have a skin referencing Jojo’s but that will never happen I guess

With Which Gaige’s face though :stuck_out_tongue:
Every times I see Shayne I can’t help but associate her to Crona&Ragnarok from the Soul Eater manga. They’re basically the same kind of symbiotic combination between a girl and a “demon” linked to/emerging from her.
I would really like a skin that is an easter eggs toward those characters, although, keeping it distant enough to avoid any copyright problem I suppose (and the style would need to be changed to fit battleborn anyway~)

some fanart of that duo :

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I agree that they are pretty dang similar but I don’t think they would be able to do that as a skin since they don’t own the character sadly ps soul eater is awesome

I would compare her with Ansem and his Shadow fiend, but then again you could say this for anyone with a ghost/spirit/demon/robot that protrudes from a characters back.

I would love to see different types of skins one where she is like Joan of ark and Aurox is like a bad ass armor the helmet will be the face huge battle gauntlets and shoulders would be amazing
Then do a horror one thinking demon meets Freddy with razor claws if you know what I mean change it up a little is all I’m saying