Skin ideas for Battleborn

Just want to drop a idea here. What about BB skins based on borderlands? Could someone draw up what that would look like? My FB group is going a little nuts about this.


Rumor has it that someone somewhere is probably working on something like this.

That’s only a rumor though.

There’s always a rumor about rumors in the Borderlands world. :globe_with_meridians:

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With the lack of Info we gotta nourish ourselves with Rumors most of the time!

Battleborn x Borderlands skin crossovers thus have the power of two franchises bathed in rumors! DOUBLE THE RUMOR POWAH!

What BB characters would rock what Borderlands skin, though?

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Thorn with several of Maya’s skins.
Acendant I think is the name of the one I was using.

Thorn would get the “Wrath” skin, I don’t think we need to speculate on why.

Obviously Marquis needs Mordecai skins, and Rath needs Zer0 skins.

I’ll just leave this early model used for Phoebe here, seems like an appropriate place for it.



Hmmm… Orendi and Tiny Tina? Oh, wait…


I think Miko getting a Zero skin would be cool, or vice versa.

Obviously I would love to see Ghalt get a Salvador skin. lol

Attikus would look pretty cool in a Bonerfart skin. =]

Even though Rendain and Torgue are voiced by the same dude, I’d love to see Montana get a Torgue skin for large and obvious reasons.

Melka with Siren tattoos would be cool as heck.

Axton getting an Oscar Mike skin would be awesome.

Rath has the right body type to make a Handsome Jack skin work nicely.

The list could go on for days. lol

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So rumor has it that someone needs something drawn :wink:

So what kind of skin are we talking about? like a mashup of BB/BL character? (Like rath in zero’s suit?)
or like a BB wearing a skin that a character would wear in BL? (Like Orendi wearing a torgue skin?)

Not much of an idea , bro. People have already suugesterd ‘‘your’’ Idea When the game first released. If you want to bring something to the table, Be more specific. How would you make a character look like the BL character?