Skin ideas for Shayne and Aurox

(Laneminor28) #1

Looking at all of Shayne and Aurox’s skins, they all are a phrase with ‘and’.
I was thinking of a new skin idea, Calm and Quiet, that features a hippie version of Shayne and a Moss covered version of Aurox.

(Buff the butter ) #2

Sleep and overs

Shayne being in pajamas and Aurox being made of pillows.

Anesthetics wise, whenever you land a melee hit it sounds like hitting someone with a pillow, the fire trail made by Aurox when sprinting could be instead feathers flying around (or a blanket cape), and finally the ult haveing pillows flying everywhere in the AOE

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #3

That is a cool idea

Shattered and broken

Lore connection: aurox managed to briefly break free his bonds and attacked shayne, he intended to have her suffer yet she got the bond back on and almost deatomized aurox, causing unstable energy and pieces of shattered minerals around him, while shayne is rattled and more serious than usual,while also be wounded terribly, they now EACH hate each other to a big extent

Stealth strike effects on music and AOE projection flicker, while the exploring has the music fall apart

Fetch leaves behind a trail of energy behind aurox that is unstable, and on furthest distance aurox explodes more violently back to shayne

Tag team, the explosions are MUCH more destructive with spacial energy added in, on knockup,aurox is violently torn apart by shayne to reform on her

(Buff the butter ) #4

Teen and T (get it?! TNT)

Shayne looks like a miner while Aurox looks like he’s made out of gunpowder.

Aurox’s sprint trail will be a lit gunpowder line.

At the end of Stealth strike bits of credits can be seen flying in different directions (for show of course can’t actually get them)

And the ult shows Aurox being set on fire at the bottom, this fire will keep coursing through him upwards until the knock up happens

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #5

Shouldn’t the gunpowder come from shayne and aurox dynamite?

(Buff the butter ) #6

That could work too

(Penguin connoisseur.) #7

Joke suggestion: My Shiny Teeth & Me
Shayne=Chip Skylark
Aurox=Made of teeth

Serious suggestion: Fire & Ice
Shayne=Flaming hair and… Other stuff.
Aurox=Made of ice, with icicle fingers and spine pieces.
Could go other way, with Shayne having a snowman theme, or something. I don’t know…

Also, because i like to end on a joke when relevant, you could just use the outfits from Blades of Glory:

…Chazz Michael Michaels IS figure skating.

(Buff the butter ) #8

My Comedy and your Tragedy

Shayne looks like trying out for Hamlet (as hamlet) and Aurox looks like that one kid who play as one of the trees in the wizard of oz.

Stealth strike’s orange circle could have Shayne and Aurox faces in the classical “happy face, sad face” way

When SaA’s shield breaks Aurox changes into a bunch of crows stuck together (like if you melted a bunch of crows and used the paste to make a sculpture of Aurox with it)

And then the ult goes Dante’s Inferno on itself haveing hands comeing from the AOE and then at the knockup, a bunch of meat pies go everywhere