Skin ink and other body mods. Share em if you got em

###Post your tattoos, piercings or other modifications! Dont have one but want one? Tell about it.

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@JoeKgbx said it, so I made it.

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This picture was taken minutes after the artist finished. Cant get much fresher. The rose is for my daughter (her middle name is Rose) and the lilacs are for my mom. They are her favorite flower.

Old news, but this is my Borderlands themed ink. Winged skull from certain scopes in Borderlands 1 and Mordecais sword crossed behind it.

Other decorations - the obvious metal stuck in my face in the above picture. 3 lip piercings, 1 in septum, and 2 in ears.
I use to have 4 eye brow rings, but those grew out. Had them redone, but they grew out again. Now I have 4 scars on my eyebrows (2 on each) which I love. The scars could be considered scarification which is a less popular body modification.


Wasn’t there a thread on vB that covered tat’s and piercings?

Have yet to get my first one, I want a second lip piercing first.


Im not sure. I dont remember a thread for this stuff there. If there was it mustve been buried quick.

Now that you mention piercings and such, I think Ill make this thread more general and about all body modifications and not just tattoos.


Bad picture is bad but on leg, band logo when I though I would be a rock star…

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Didnt know you were in a band. What was the name? Rockstar or not, Im sure being in that band gave you some good memories. It was your own band. Not many can say theyve had one. Cool tatt and cool story behind it!


late 80 early 90 and it never went anywhere, we never really had that much talent and never played at more then bars in the area etc… drummer drew what is on my leg thinking it would be on our 1st album cover but we never really got that far or even close. We ended up playing metal covers but did get free drinks and sometimes even some ass.


I’ve got several tattoos, but this is my favorite:

It’s on my left forearm and was done by my buddy Russ. I think he nailed it.


Lovely. What are the numbers? Also, very proud that I suggested the crossed swords on KJ’s tat…

Symbol for mercury+Eye-in-the-triangle/Balor/various other symbols depending on how you look at it. It’s old, and needs recolouring. Can’t get a pic of it straight on, but you get the idea.

5 ear piercings.

Also my left nipple is pierced. Pics on request. You freaks.

KJ, that rose and lavender is gorgeous.


I always knew the lizard was Illuminati.

I like totally am, actually, all invisible fnord hand and that.

Wedding anniv.


AWWWww. Sweetest.

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I got a scar on me knee from the doctors taking stuffs out, does that count as body modifications?

^ tattooed on my lower back.

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If scars count, I’ve got a couple pretty nice ones

phht, if scars count, i’d win the gold metal.

I have this on my left calf, without the bar codes.
on my left inner forearm is a hatchetman, and on the other side is a mistake. a DOUBLE cover-up. my buddy accidentally wiped off some of the stencil partway in, and covered it with a big ass star. So like an idiot i went to someone i didn’t know, who turned a perfectly good star into the piece o’■■■■ thats there now.

I have 7 tattoo’s at the moment, I used to have my labra pierced for about 6-7 years until I grew out of it.
Here’s a few of my tattoo’s though.

Both of these are on my right forearm - wrist

It is the newest one I had done a few years ago, it’s on my right side ribs - abs. Ended up actually hurting like hell but worth it as it feels like it’s always been there.

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I’ve pierced myself to many times to count. ATM only my ears are open, at about an 8G, as opposed to the 1/2 inch i had them.