Skin just disappeared after I activated it in my inventory can't find it anywhere.

Hello, I was playing Borderlands 3 and picked up a skin that was called trippy hippy skin from Typhon dead drop and it disappeared in my inventory, can’t find it in my clothing skins, weapon skins and vehicle skins I can’t find it anywhere after I activated it, what can I do or what can Gearbox do about this problem?

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Yeah, I had this happen twice already. I believe one of those skins was called jaw party (Fl4k).

I have now had 2 skins disappear on Fl4k after I activated them. The dropped flag one and the space cats one. It’s there any chance we can get them back cause im pretty sure they won’t drop the same one twice and I really wanted the flag one… not to mention we earned them.

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I had that happen, but I think they let you activate heads and skins for other characters… so then you won’t see them. Not sure if they will show up for you other character or not once you start playing them… but be careful that the skin or head you activate is for your character,…otherwise put them in the bank vault for your next character playthrough.

I have had it happen several tines as well. I have also put items in my bank and gone back the next day to find my bank is empty. So be careful. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

Just like real banks, the bank in BL3 also robs you blind. I think it was to increase the realism in the game.

On another note, I don’t trust Marcus. He is a con-artist…

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I had this exact same thing happen to me. Same skin and everything - Trippy Hippie. I figured i’d post about it here instead making a new post on the Tech Support thread. Playing FL4K on XB1 online and set to Cooperation/Invite Only, connected Gearbox/Shift account & all that. I’ve looked around online and it seems like the Trippy Hippie skin only exists for FL4K, but those lists & the wiki could be incomplete. Can anyone confirm this?
And is there some way to check our inventory for other characters that we haven’t made yet? It would be nice to have a more detailed log in the game or on the website of everything you’ve unlocked & done & discovered, also number and type of enemies killed - that sort of thing.
Please let me know if anyone finds a fix for this or if there’s a way to check if you unlocked it for a character you haven’t created yet.


You can get skins for other characters, and when activated will delete from your inventory. No way to see short of starting another character, but first stop on a new character is the new u station so you can check there. All the skins I have found seem to have a version for each character.

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