Skin of Ancients vs. Explosive relic

I remember having this conversation a while ago, but just want to make sure. obtaining a Skin with 39% capacity and recharge rate, with 25.9 nonelemental and 33.3 shock still wouldnt be as good as a 39% explosive relic, right? i main an explosive Axton with Badaboom, big boom blaster, DPUH, Kerblaster, Ravager, Legendary soldier, and Meteor shower. Just how much beter is one over the other, and why? Also, thinkingbof running an expert grenadier insead ofblegendary soldier. Any thoughts? thanks guys!

I wouldn’t worry about the SoA since you are using a Big Boom Blaster and we’ll be picking up boosters left n right. Explosive would be better. I use a Stockpile Relic that boosts Shotgun and Assault Rifle ammo and Grenade count.

As for the Class Mod I use an Expert Grenadier and have no complaints. I suggest giving it a try and see if it is to your liking.


Thank you! The Soldier has a lot of smooth perks, but boosting my damage by maybe 50% or so is huge.

If you built Axton in the right way You won’t need the recharge or cap from the skin since it will barely effect it not to mention the resistances are fairly low and don’t really help.

Explosive will increase survival by a higher percentage.