Skin of Ancients?

Does anyone have an op8 one with Shock, nonelemental, capacity, and recharge delay booosts?

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I have 2
first one: Incendiary resist. +29.7%
shock resist. +33.3
corrosive resist. +28.8%
shield recharge +39%

second one: incendiary resist. +29%
corrosive resist. +28%
explosive resist. +30.5%
shield recharge +39%

you choose :grin:

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Thanks Tank! I really only need one with capacity, recharge, shock, and nonelemental, but i really appeeciate the offer!

Bumping in hopes that someone will save my filthy, addicted soul. This specific Skin is the last item I need for my Axton, but my mind wont let me put BL2 to rest without it. Farming LLM for hours was fruitless. I dont understand my mind, but as long as i think it is legit, it will be satisfied. I honestly cant thank you guys enough.

Bumping again :slight_smile: I got close with a recharge rate, nonelemental, and shock one, but no capacity. One with capacity, recharge rate, nonelemental, and exosive would also be awesome!

This thing is crazy hard to find.