Skin requests/mission rewards

I would really like it if we could have a skin for each mission.
This would give us some reason to grind over and over like ops /easy way to know if we’ve completed certain missions with certain characters.
As for individual character skins I want a Captain Scarlet:Pirates booty for Reyna and any holiday skin like Kriegs cozy sweater or whatever it’s called. :smile:

Is there anything you would like to see added into story mission rewards or skins?

I would like to see some Borderlands style skins, like Zero for Rath or Tiny Tina for Orendi.
As for your other point, the reward teirs are pretty well defined, and you can even see them in the challenge section of the Command Menu. You can see some of the taunts before hand in the character screen, but otherwise you just have to unlock them… or go to another website that has all the info, like this one:

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Any way to see who’s skins we are yet to unlock without going through each one and checking?

borderlands skins would be awesome! i’d love to see maya for thorn or zero for marquis or something.

The easiest way would be to go through each character you have and see what ops points you finished at. If you are under 40, then none, under 85, then one and over 85 both.


There should be challenges (in Career) for completing missions on Hardcore.

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