Skins and Heads International Trading Ltd

Skins and Heads International Trading Ltd.

I have been farming since the dawn of time and I still haven’t got all the heads and skins I am looking for, so I have decided to set up the “Skins and Heads International Trading Ltd.” (or S.H.I.T. for short)

How it works is quite simple.
I will trade any Legendary item (guns, sheilds, grenades, relics or mods) for the following skins. Just ask for what you want as I have quite a load now.
It’s that easy and everybody is a winner and you don’t have to burn out our eye balls farming for them anymore.

A few rules though.

  1. I am only trading items for skins and/or heads not anything else.

  2. Please contact me here and not in the game as I probably wont accept your friend request without knowing who you are.

  3. I don’t have any of the head hunter packs so therefore not interested in skins/heads from them.

I can also trade skins and heads for skins and heads as I have been farming a lot for them if that works for anyone.
Good luck and I hope my S.H.I.T works for you.


Not looking for any heads or skins now thanks.

I can trade with folk if they are looking for any from now on.
Just message me here.
I am looking for stuff OP3 to OP7


Hi there! I have actually some of the skins you mentioned, what do the asterisks that you placed next to some of them mean though?

Another question: Do you have the digistruct peak?

They are just a mistake in the publishing, fixed now.
What skins do you have and do you wanna trade?
Yes I have got Digistruct Peak.


Well, I am not interested in any legendary items but there are some skins I want. Basically I want all the heads and skins obtained in digistruct peak except for the ones for the siren (that’s 10 items).

Here’s the ones I have: MY MIND IS A PRISON, Muddy and Bloody, Don’t Feel Blue, None Blacker, Lavender but not Brown, Right Angle, Dark Night, Azure Wave, Dark Focus and Lilac Combatant.

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Okey, cool
I have some of the Digistruct Peak Heads and skins but not all of them yet.
I can trade you three heads and one skin ( The Dark Within, Crown of Bones, Neverending and Gory, Lord of Wisdom. )
for four skins ( Azure Wave, Dark Night, Don’t Feel Blue, None Blacker ) If that’s ok.
I will aim to get the rest so we can trade for the others.
Also, I do already have the Dark Focus for the Siren didn’t realise.
Add me on psn (same name) and I will have the first lot ready for the trade.

Do you also want any of those psycho skins or only the head MY MIND IS A PRISON?

Not really bothered about the head will get it eventually but I do want the skins.
I have two more Digistruck skins L0rd of Darkness and Lord of Justice to add to trade.
So that’s a total of 6 with just the Gunzerker and Psycho to go.
Can you add the Muddy and Bloody and Lavender But Not Brown to make up your 6.
What is your psn name and I will friend request you.
Would like to trade some of these asap and then concentrate on the others.

I sent you my psn in a private message

Okay cool.

Also, do you happen to have a lv 20-30 Legendary Hunter Class Mod by any chance?

Sorry, I don’t have that.