Skins and heads used in inventory not in customization pod

I have picked up 2 skins and 2 heads since yesterday 9/16 and none of them are showing up in the customization pod, only the 1 skin and 3 heads i picked up on launch day. These were drops from the world, not purchased from the eridium dealer.

They were either the same ones (as you can get duplicates) or you didnt activate them.

Or they were for a different class.

I think they only drop for your current char dont they?

@ibhramgaunt2: If you didn’t, check your backpack and unlock them there first. Then they ought show in Quick Change and thus be deployable.

No, you can get skins and heads for all classes :slight_smile:

I found an epic FL4K skin, “Moist the Flag”. I “used” it in my bag to unlock it, got a “skin unlocked” notification, but it is not at the quickchange station. I feel like I’ve seen several people say this has happened. Is this a bug? If so, is there a way to prevent it from happening? Its not like I can reload a save to try to activate it again.

I’m really dissapointed. I’ve seen it suggested that it may have been a skin for another class, but I was playing solo (can you find other classes skins?) and from what I can tell this is only a FL4K skin.

If this is something that is fixed in a later patch, do you think my save will remember that I unlocked it, or is it gone forever?

Had the same issue like 2-3 times, my Head count is capped at 5 and I have burned a few since I realized the issue. I have the rest saved in my vault. I did buy the really cool Zayn head with VIP points and that didnt show either. I really hope they fix it and that it will activate all heads previously unlocked.

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The same thing has happened to me and my friends multiple times! This was on Ps4.

The same thing just happened to me. I got the “Sure, why not” skin, used it in the inventory, and then it didn’t show up in my customization options. That was literally the only skin I actually wanted too…

Is there an answer to this? Only started playing tonight. ‘Hyperion Beast’ skin dropped. I unlocked it in my inventory but it’s not listed at the customisation station. Scared to waste more of the good-good. Playing on PC. What do?

You can definitely pick up skins and heads for other classes. For the first 2 or 3 weeks of me playing this game I’ve ONLY been playing Zane on solo/offline and I’ve picked up multiple skins/heads for other classes. I think you’re more likely to get them for your own class but it’s no guarantee. It does at least mean that now that I’ve started playing other classes, I’ve already got a wider variety of cool customisation for them even at low levels.
Also Moist the Flag, as far as I’ve seen, is available for all classes, I have it for Zane, Fl4k and I think Amara too.

It may be that some people are having genuine issues with this, but I think a lot of the time it’s people not realising it’s for a different class. It does always say on the skin under the title of it, so the item will say “Moist the Flag. Operative Skin” or whatever. If it’s not for your class, it’s usually written in red, but you can still click on it to unlock it. For example if on Zane I picked up a skin for Amara, I could still unlock it on Zane, then next time I log in as Amara it’ll be on her quick change station.

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