Skins and taunts from loot packs

I’ve been looking for one specific taunt since launch. The Thorn taunt where she pulls her bow back and winks. Been trying to get it so much. Unfortunately the only way to get it is from Eldred loot packs.
I beg of you gearbox. Either make loot pack taunts and skins payable with credits. Even if it’s a huge amount. I have soon of the best rolls for Eldred gear possible from Eldrid packs. I have close to every skin and taunt for all the eldrid, except for Thorn. The only eldrid I use on a regular basis.
If you don’t make them buybacks, then please make it so I don’t receive credits when I am hoping to see my taunt. It’s the most disapointing thing to see that little grey symbol that specifies a skin or taunt, then having it show you actually received 500 credits. Or even worse, 102. Yes I’ve gotten that.
I can’t possibly imagine how many credits I have spent on eldrid loot packs. I have close to 150 hours of playtime, most of which is in PvP, and have been buying eldrid loot packs from the moment I could until now. I’ve bought maybe ten epic packs, Three bank spaces, and eldrid loot packs. I have been looking for this taunt since day one. It seems like every loot pack gives me credits instead of a skin or taunt nowadays. I figure I’ve bought 15-20 since the double credits started, and it seems like half of them give me more credits instead of the one thing I’ve been trying to get.
Please gearbox, someday down the line, after some other more important stuff is dealt with, help me get my taunt.
Also it would be cool if you added a way to get faction commander packs after someone hits command rank 100. I know you can get them by leveling other characters in the same faction, but I’ve gotten most of those already.
Any who I’m done talking, still love this game no matter what other people say.


I read this and was like…Damn! I have been trying for weeks to get either Thorn’s or Mellka’s taunts and finally over the weekend I got a taunt for Thorn which happens to be the one you seek. I would totally trade you for another one I don’t have if I could. Anyone want Miko taunts? I have the whole set >_<

Imagine if when you got a double, instead of getting a small amount of credits, you get a Taunt Trading Card that you can then trade with someone else who has one you really really want?

This right here is a great idea. I have so many taunts from people that I don’t use. I’m sure I could find others that have my taunt for a good trade.

I had a similar problem with an Oscar Mike skin (Yellow and Purple one).
I tried for weeks until I gave up and bought his Turbocop skin.
All in all I concur 100%

I may have gotten the worst thing ever…

I love loot packs… lol