Skins and Taunts Wishlist Thread

I am making this thread for those who want to see Melka with Long hair, for those who want to see how Galilea looks under her armor, for those who want a Kelvin made of fire instead of ice and with more Sass in his taunts and for those characters that are aesthetically lacking, I hope everyone sees this as an opportunity ti give ideas to the GBX crew

Just post all your ideas for skins and taunts in here and I’ll just tag @Jythri, @JoeKGBX in here so they have where to come to get some inspiration for the crew handling the skins and taunts.



I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!: Pretty much a GBX take on the Mad Hatter, like with crazy colors and maybe even changing her hat to a giant wacky, crazy and maniacal look on it, we already have the cowboy and the joker, might as well add the Mad Hatter there too.


1:Explosive Personality: Orendi does her shadow pillar hands animation but nothing happens, then irritated does it again, again and again then a huge explosion happens and she looks at it with awe, then starts cackling maniacally as the taunt ends.

2:Overjoyed: This one is not that intricate but saw it on an anime and thought, "this would totally fit her"|506:284&composite-to%3D*%2C*|506%3A284&background-color=black



1:Thought A Head: Basically is this

and maybe add a mocking smirk as he does it while also adding a camera angle like the head drops to the floor.

2: Certain you’re ready for this?: For this one, Rath does some sword flair wit his twin swords then stops with his right sword pointing at the camera, he peeks from the side of it the does with his right sword a kinda of “bring it” motion with it (the sword flair can be whatever gbx chooses, the important part is the last bit).

3:Master Swordsman: this one is more important on the camera vision than the taunt itself, he slashes the camera quickly, turning its back at it, as he sheathes his swords the camera angle gets cut in half then he point at the camera while trying to hold his laughter in.


For Honor: This skin is pretty straightforward, either give him a traditional Samurai Hakama or an Samurai Armor with maybe a little bit of GBX touch, switch Axiom and Praxis with Japanese Katanas and Precept with a Nodachi, of course they can have a GBX flair to them ( this is more of an suggestion but if this skin becomes real, please, PLEASE, LET THE COLOR SCHEME BE DARK RED AND JET-BLACK, WAS HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED YOU GUYS DIDN’T WENT WITH THE PALE SKIN VAMPIRE STEREOTYPE WITH HIS “POSSIBLY A VAMPIRE” AND WENT WITH THE DAMN BONES)

Death Blade: This one is also simple, make him a dark knight, since you guys are already doing medieval skins might as well right? this one i’ll leave it up to you guys at GBX for creative interpretation really just make it happen.

Gone Rogue: This one would be like a mixture of Zero with the Rogue Faction, with A skin tight black suit, some pants for once and maybe have Zero’s Hood that everytime you taunt the hood opens and maybe make his swords be rusted old swords(this would be hilarious with his Keeper of the Blade taunt) I’ll also leave it to GBX creative interpretation.

Made to Kill: This one I won’t take credit for it because it was an idea I saw, not sure if it was on the forums or in PSN chat but basically make Rath a Jennerit style magnus (Please notice as I didn’t say LLC magnus) like if the Jennerit made the magnuses instead of the LLC, maybe give him kinda of a Shredder look( We know about the TMNT Easter egg so this shouldn’t be any difficult ) with red neon lights and stuff.



1:Untamed:This is clearly to see Galilea without her armor, maybe just having light armor and no helmet so we can see more of her head than just her face(inb4 she has melka hair).


1:Through My Eyes: Galilea gets on one knee while the camera angle is looking up from the ground, then Galilea opens her face mask hood as she looks smiling menacingly as she puts her hand over the camera and starts pushing it down in darkness as she laughs and the camera fades out.



1: Too Hot to Chill: This skin i feel like it would be one of them tier 3 skins, basically instead of ice, fire, he becomes either molten lava or a fiery version of himself, even go as far as changing the animation for sublimate and ice wall and make it so in sublimate he becomes a ball of fire and if you pick the slow over the stun (big IF) You scorch the ground when you move, and with ice wall make it fire pillars instead.

Whiskey Foxtrot:


1: It’s RRRRRR-rated Foxtrot:A pirate skin of course maybe even changing his rifle with a musket or whatever weapon pirates use, also giving him a sweet pirate hat and eye patch, i would really want him to have this skin to be more intricate and actually change his model if anything but of course it’s at GBX’s discretion.



1:Hebi Kawaii: Give me a meme cherry blossom pink snek with a googly anime eye with a cute snake eye patch sticker, blushed cheeks, very anime attire (Like Kingdom Hearts type of clothes if you know the game), maybe even give his smoke bomb a very cute makeover like change the colors and maybe at a cute snake on the ground, and his miasma too and maybe put cutesy music in the background when he’s on his ult.



1:Conjuration: we have a Warlock, so we need a Witch skin, and who better to fit this than Ambra but i’m not talking about just the appearance, sure give her a witch hat, be creative on the staff so it looks magically acceptable and this one HAS to have visually different looking skill like make the sunspot a will-o-wisp, Solar wind’s animationcan look like blue-ish purple clouds (like from Aladdin’s Genie) and her ult instead of her diamond like thing it spawn a black cauldron that boils with green liquids then it bursts upward and have her beams, her fire animation and fireballs with a blueish coloration(i would pay anything and everything for this skin imo) maybe even have magical encryptions all over her body that light up when she has heat.


1:Not very bright: She makes a palm sized sunspot on her hand and looks a it with awe then looks at the screen, smirks, then crushes the sunspot in her hand.



Miasmatic Malady(a play on words,pretty sweet right):This is for a Plague Doctor skin because come on we need one though this one since Beatrix most distinguished feature is her lovely face, i don’t know how GBX would incorporate the Plague Doctor mask but i’ll leave it to them.



Tout Pour La Science:not my idea but a musketeer skin for Phoebe, hat (especially the hat) and all, which would totally fit her, though this one i would leave it to GBX’s creative input.

These are just some ideas i have at the moment, I’ll be sure to updated it whenever I have more ideas and also be sure to leave your ideas below as you never know, your idea might become a reality.


I want to see:
• Hooded, kind of like robin hood/arrow.
You get the idea.

Pre-Working for Ghalt Mellka

Will edit more in

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I’ve already mentioned in a few places that I’d love this as a taunt for Deande (as I think it suits her the best out of all the Battleborn characters):



If she doesn’t have her mohawk, she must be sad. Not a happy long haired skin

But if that was in I’d say Alani

omg i would love to see that, though if it doesn’t make it for Deande, I think Nova would be the next big thing, also love this cuz Chunnibyo is like one of my favorite animes XD.

@epicender584, @Kaleidodemon, you are both wrong; Whiskey is the trademark “ass taunter”, haha.


But what about Kelvin?!!! he’s a cool dude too!!!

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Hmmm. I can’t see him doing the finger thing though, and Alani can be dorky sometimes

I couldn’t see him doing “cavalier” either… but they gave it to him.

“Ever seen a clone with an ass like this? Mmm…”

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And they also gave Thorn a nekonimi taunt, I can never see Thorn the same way…

Haha; agreed! It’s a head-shaker for me… WHY are the cat ears GREEN?! Haha!

Still… I feel her sacrifice was acceptable to bring me THIS stroke of pure genius:



See that’s all well and good but the LLC are the ones who make magnuses. There’s no such thing as a “Jennerit styled magnus”. Even if they were to do a faction swap skin that would look like a magnus, it would suit better on Caldarius.

I know that and I know there’s no such thing, but now that you say that instead of a Jennerit Styled Magnus, how about a shock trooper Rath skin, it’s probably the closet thing to a Jennerit Style Magnus in design (I know it’s an armor), and by that I mean how it looks, not what i is, I think it’s pretty possible snd really cool to imagine.

Shock trooper Rath would basically be Rath in the same suit of armor Caldarius is in.

I just want another skin for Ghalt

Wild WILD WEST Orendi - Cowgirl themed skin where her auto-attacks (R2) sound like old western pistol sounds and her secondary is a louder revolver sound. When she runs you hear horse galloping OR a train chugga-chugga-ing. Nullify lets out a loud crack of a whip and her Shadowfire Pillars…Moo? idk. lol

Ernest: Humpty Dumpty Skin: Self-Eggplanatory.

Galilea: Xena Warrior Princess Skin. When she uses ult she Ayiyiyiyiyiyiya’s into the ground.

and uhhh (so many threads like these I’m running out of ideas O_O )

Kelvin: CRYSTAL CLEAR - his body is mostly clear-ish (would this be p2w? lol)

Entered this topic on my phone, was not prepared for the dancing butts.


we need all of the deande skins and taunts. GBX should set apart a whole department dedicated to making deande skins and taunts. And yes, it will be mandatory to buy them.

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El Dragón

El Grapadura. Make it happen.

I just wish we had to different types of taunts that we could equip.
Your normal generic taunt for everyone taunt, then character specific taunts.

EX: a taunt for Deande specifically directed towards Mellka(vice versa)

OR dual taunts. That would be great.