Skins for Halloween Terror are pretty lame

Anyone feel like the skins don’t look very different than the base skins? the heads are amazing (except moze just bc it feels meh and fl4k wouldve been better for it imo). even ectoplasm looks more unique. I hope future event skins have more halloween stuff to them bats, ghosts, or something more prominent or at least like older ones with the stripes of black and yellow and drips. I’d love to recolor those on my bois

I really like the map, amazing heads and hot topic skins but having to recollect the skulls over and over to do the map is a baffling choice

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are you referring to the enemies or the VH stuff? im talking about the reward skins from doing all the challenges

Yeah I’m referring to the challenge rewards. I think they’re pretty cool. Amara’s shift head code is probably my favorite head in the entire game.

the heads i think are amazing but the skins for the challenge required are bad but meh if you view them individually

The character skins you can get with the challenges, I don’t like much either tbh, seems just like a recoloring of other skins. I have to admit, I don’t like a lot of the skins to begin with, most seem like the same-ish, there are some that are wicked though imo, the ones that light up are my favorite (don’t know the names though sorry).

But the Weapon skin is pretty badass if you ask me! And the heads we got with the shift codes are some of the best.

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The real art of the skins is where they apply their color schemes. Like, Hot Rod lets you color hair

there are ones that light up??

same thats why im still using my skeleton skin from the super deluxe edition/season pass thing

yah i love how they animate slowly

Well lighting up is a big word, but some have like a glowing, neon effect. It’s quite cool, I think the ‘Teal something’ is one of them. Don’t know the names by heart tbh, and I’m not ingame atm, so can’t check.

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i know of that one. it’s ok but it is better than most. as long as it some unique detail like that or the us flag one theyre better than simple recolor like ones that dont appear to change much