Skins from faction gear packs are too rare

I’ve bought maybe 15+ faction gear packs. Not a single skin. If it weren’t for the fact that there are multiple tiers of multiple skins for multiple characters this wouldn’t be so bad, but holy heck! 15 buys and I haven’t gotten even one!?



That’s wierd. I’ve bought four and gotten two skins.

Who knows maybe my luck will turn around, but it’ll be another good while to save enough currency again to buy more…

Taunts are even rarer - found 2 so far.

It’s SOOOO fun to spend like, 3+ mission’s worth of money and get junk I can only sell back for roughly 2% of the pack’s price ffs…


We need to either get more credits for missions/matches or they need to up the sell price on unwanted items. It’s a bit bull ■■■■

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Completely. The pack prices are UNGODLY high, and sell prices are garbage.
I mean FFS man - a LEGENDARY sells for only 250!!! It should sell for like, 2000 AT LEAST!!!

I also simply do not “get” the arbitrary Command Level restrictions on buying faction’d gear packs. Why? UPR is level 28 lol, and you START at level 1 with more UPR characters “unlocked” than any other faction… >_<

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The command rank restrictions just make zero sense. I’m just glad I’m farming the Eldrid packs for Mellka skins/taunts. I’d be tearing my hair out if I was maining a UPR character

I tear my hair out anyways (I want Thorn’s stuff) cuz I spend 3+ missions worth of reward money on a pack and get UTTER GARBAGE.

I honestly have stopped buying packs - I spend all my money on bank upgrades and loadout slots (ya know - stuff I can ACTUALLY SEE a gain from…).

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Not to mention the length of missions/matches in this game. There is literally no way to earn credits quickly. I usually only get a story mission and maybe one or two pvp matches in a day (coz, ya know, life happens) and that barely nets me enough for a faction pack. And half my packs are guaranteed to end up being gear for buffing healing power. I’d be in heaven if I actually played Miko lol. I’m at command rank 20 now and have managed to get one skin for Thorn and one skin for Miko. I wouldn’t mind the rarity of skins and taunts if it wasn’t already so difficult to get the packs themselves

I had skin in almost every faction pack. I got few of them by just playing the game.

Just RNG god hates you obviously, try again today :slight_smile:

Excesive RNG is the crutch of lazy designers. I know, I know! The skins and the taunts don’t affect your game, but completionists will go bonkers about the RNG. And reasonable players will just stop bothering after a while, much sooner than if you had given them actual goals upfront instead of “You MIGHT or MIGHT NOT get this.” They don’t even tell us the percentage!

I would feel better about the skins if the ones you can unlock just by playing the character weren’t subpar. Just recolors, and not even -good- recolors. There’s just too little contrast (except for the second skin, which works just fine).
Unlocking stuff should feel gratifying. Players should be happy that they are spending their currency. Not frustrated and not alleviated when they finally, FINALLY get something they actually wanted.

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Excessive RNG worked in a game like BL where it’s practically throwing gear at you. If the packs cost less and/or you could earn more credits for completing missions and matches I would quite happily accept the RNG with the packs. I don’t mind the RNG factor at all. I hate the up to 2 hours of SUCCESSFUL play time (failure in this game can come way too easily and earns you next to nothing) it takes to earn enough credits to buy a pack and THEN deal with RNG gear


There was a survey at the end of beta, which asked you if you think the blue cash reward is high enough. What did you people select? I said that the rewards are way too low.

Were they cool skins!? I’d like to see them if you could take pictures!

I actually thought everything was just fine. I am not having a lot of trouble with getting ■■■■ out of the gear packs. I do a lot of story, and I get great loot out of that. I only buy gear packs and hope I get a skin or taunt. I was actually lucky enough to get my fav skin AND taunt for Miko after opening 3 gear packs. But that was just my crazy RNG. (I had to open at least 20 of those to even get 1 Miko skin in the Beta btw. I know how it feels.)

In my opinion, the skins and taunts are not too rare. It’s fun for them to be quite special. Even if they don’t look so special.

from what I read elsewhere, they only have the tier 1 skins in now, which are just the palette swaps, next content update is supposed to bring tier 2 skins. Im not wasting any creds on packs until at least the tier 2 skins are in, would prefer both 2&3, but I have gotten a couple of decent skins so far just from packs I won.

I definitely agree that the sell prices for gear are far too low.
Once you start buying Faction and Epic packs, you’ll literally recoup less than 5% of what you spend on average.

I said WAY too low and also included additional hand-written notes about it (and other stuff) at the end as welll… >_<

P.S. - Love your avatar! <3

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Wow o.o
I only bought 5 packs so far = 3 skins + 2 taunts. Maybe I´m incredible lucky or you just had the utmost bad luck. Or both. O.O

I’ve opened 15 packs for 2 skins and 1 taunt.

Still want a refund on those packs. I wasn’t fishing for tier 1 skins, I was looking for 2 and 3.