Skins from faction gear packs are too rare

I said the rewards were too low in the survey. I hope this post catches gearbox’s attention. I mean I was surprised how many responses this got with people who agree.

Gearbox really went for the burnout grind on this one

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Ive gotten afew skins in total, but ive spent alot on packs, im lvl 25 now and ive bought 2 pages cause they are really required, and spent the rest of all i earned on packs, and then there are the ones that give 100% chance of skin drop on lvl up. In total the chances have just been to low ive gotten even fewer taunts but honestly what makes me want to buy them the least is I never have room for items even with 2 pages I have filled them all up, there needs to be more room, atlest 100 default preferable 200 then incress 200 each time, I just dont want worry about items but I also dont want to toss things at random to find out they where actually pretty good.

Pages are sooo expensive to, 8k? getting like 200-400 per game thats like 25 games for a page

Tier 2 and 3 skins aren’t available just yet

Yeah it is ridiculous how quick the space fills up and how slowly it takes to get EIGHT THOUSAND! Good mention though spot on.

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Well blame the beta testers everyone complained that the exp they got was to much so they reduced the exp you got from pvp and pve along with credits they complained it was to easy and to much credits they got from pvp and pve. The beta was so nice on unlocking everything we got a lot of credits and exp but I guess people don’t want a good amount of exp and credits after playing…

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I didn’t complain! :cry:

Sadly it’s purely RNG at its worst.

I bought 10 rogue packs in 1 go, got 6 skins & a taunt, (2x Reyna, 1x Toby, 2x Whiskey Foxtrot & 1 taunt & 1 skin for Orendi). While lucky it completely sucked as I actually wanted stuff for Shayne & Aurox.

I’m struggling on UPR packs now though, bought around 15 so far, had a skin & taunt for Ghalt & Montana but nothing else.

I bought a 8 eldrid packs on the last day of open beta and got 4 skins I think.

Still doing a helluva lot better than the rest of us. I buy an eldrid pack every single time I’ve been able to afford one since launch. One skin for Miko and one skin for Thorn is all I’ve got. I main Mellka so I’m pretty unimpressed to say the least. I could handle the RNG if the cost of packs was lower or the credit rewards were higher.

Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. There wasn’t a warning on the pack telling me that I can’t get 2 and 3 skins, so I’ve wasted currency.

This is me opening over 20 Eldrid loot pack I didn’t get much :confused:

Pics or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

“Tier 2 skins are on the way, will show up at the same time as Alani.” Source:

Yeah I more wanted pictures of the “decent skins” Starlok won in his packs :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link though, you are a kind soul

Ah, I see. Some re-colors do have some nice palettes, I for example really like the Kelvin here! :slight_smile: (Though since Kelvin glows all his recolors look pretty cool…)

Note: Kelvin Recolors also affect his Ice walls!
I also saw a Kelvin with a skin that made him look Amber. It was on a bot though, so I don’t know if it’s a possible drop yet.

If the recolors were as detailed as the characters default skins were, they would certainly be more interesting.

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Oh that is so cool! I love that it affects his ice wall too!

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I also really like all the white recolors. White just works, you know?

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Let’s see if I can figure out how to get this to work, gonna try to upload a pic of the one I got for miko

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That kelvin skin is one I got in beta, haven’t seen it after release yet tho