Skins/Heads Gone

So I recently was finally able to transfer over my Zer0 from 360. A few years ago I had all the but one head for Zer0 and most of his skins, then they all disappeared except for what I had on (Raz0r and White0ut), it aggravated me enough that I didn’t play anymore as I had put a decent amount of time into getting those heads and skins. Having gotten the Handsome Collection and with Borderlands 2 being free for the 360 Games with Gold program I decided I would transfer the character over. Now I finally got the Dark Night skin to drop but I realized that I can see neither my Raz0r head or White0ut skins in the customization menu, I’d rather not lose these items too and was wondering if there was something I could do in order to just get at least these two back so I won’t lose them when I switch off them. Thanks again for any help anyone can provide!

Unfortunately, not a whole lot. Not sure why the ones you had didn’t transfer over - you could try changing the name of the character on the 360, then re-transferring it (use the “Save as new” option when downloading on the XB1) as that cleared up an odd issue for me with one transferred save.

Otherwise, I think I still have a couple of spare heads/skins sitting on a mule somewhere.

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The skins were already gone, they glitched a few years ago, it’s what made me stop playing on 360. But I’m mostly just worried about the ones I have on since they were the ones I liked the most lol. I put in a ticket to see if there’s anything to be done about getting them “restored” since I very clearly already “have” them on my character, just not in my customization menu for some reason. But thank you for the offer, not sure I have much of anything worth trading though lol. If you have a Raz0r and White0ut that would be great.