Skins i'd like to see!

Most skins are just a color combination on top of the regular outfit. But what if you could dream…

First and most obvious… Maya as a Nurse. A really HOT nurse, ofc. A lot of the COM’s can be used for inspiration. Krieg in a Grim Reaper skin, Salvador as a Monk, Zero in a Tuxedo (spy) and so on.

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Yeah, Krieg as a Grim Reaper would be awesome.

I just genuinely wished that the skins changed the clothing, as opposed to 200 color variants and a few interesting ones.

I’d like to see some canonical skins.

Like Axton in his uniform prior to abandoning ship, Maya in her ‘goddess’ outfit prior to shooting her way through the Abbey, Krieg fresh from breaking out of the med lab.



Majin Buu skin for Zer0.