Skins! - Pricing, Comparison, and Expectations

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I get the point your making, but it’s a bit more complicated than “2 minutes” of Dev time. If I had to realistically estimate the amount of time for one of the Montana skins, I’d say that it’s 10-15 artist hours, plus a bit of back-and-forth with their boss. And then a minor amount of added time for the actual developer to map the image to the option. Maybe 1-2 hours of dev time?

Overall, it’s probably about $600 dollars (30 dollars an hour for the artist and 50 for the developer) for GBX to produce a skin, that’s just a retexture.

And again, this thread is less about “How much do I think skins should be?” and more about “how much are the skins in Battleborn compared to other games?”

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Okay, I think I understand your view point.

So you don’t think that any game that has cash-only premium skins is priced reasonably?

(Again, I’m using Heroes of the Storm as my base-line, but others apply)

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Yep, I get what you are saying. I think they are one in the same though. I still feel that even in other games, those skins are high. When you can generally buy a new guy for 5$, why would you pay almost that for just a skin?

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10 chara

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All the new ones they added yesterday are 700 none of them are 1k

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They SHOULD be 500, actually.


There are 1000 plat ones, they just cost 500 plat for the first week. The others seem to be 420 or 700.

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Great post. Thank you for the feedback!


Can anyone post if any of the new skins have additional effect, like sound?

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I think for a lot of people to feel like they got what they paid for that some of the more expensive skins may have to have some features added to them. Otherwise they are just more expensive retextures. I’ve noticed a lot of people getting the recolors and retextures confused. I’m guessing they are just lumping everything that isn’t a remodel into the same group. Also to note the only skin that people seem to view as a remodel was the balloon skin for Shayne & Aurox even though Marquis has a remodelled skin as well (even though it’s not as extreme and simply removes his outfit and replaces it with an old fashioned bathing suit). I think people are expecting some wildly different skins that change the character completely like you see in other games where the hit-boxes don’t matter as much (if at all). What a mess. :frowning:


“I understand that this thread is about comparing Battleborn to other games to figure out if the prices are reasonable by comparison but that isn’t going to solve the issue. Because they have the same problems that ruin Battleborns marketplace. The only way to truly solve the issue with “Battleborn” is to get deep down into Battleborns problems and work to solve them for Battleborn. There are too many differences in Battleborn to effective compare this game to anything else on the market. Including; that it had a $60 price, you can’t earn these premium items, it uses an in-game premium currency, & the skins themselves while good are generally bland, generic, or do not compliment the character.”

So I’m just going to leave this here because it already articulates my feelings on this issue pretty well.

But just to summarize;

• This game is not free, we’ve all already paid anywhere between $13 (I think) - $60 for this game. Microtransactions for these amounts are just nickel & diming us at this point.

• Platinum is stupid. The conversion rate & costs do not make sense. Not to mention the extra currency that you “will” end up with and that you won’t be able to use.

• Many players, myself included, want to buy multiple skins. We want to buy many skins actually. Because they are pretty good and we want to support you. But you’re making this difficult. You keep raising the prices of skins and they aren’t exactly getting better. Your skins are decent at best. If you want more money for these skins put more effort into them. Make us want to buy them.

• More people will buy your skins/taunts if you make them cheap. Therefore reaching more customers and in the long run earning more money from Microtransactions because more people are spending money on this game, Micro being the key word here 2K.

• Finally for easy reference. I will buy tier 2 skins for $1, & tier 3 skins for $3 (at this quality at least) but no more because of the above points.

While my criticisms are strongly worded I say them with love for the game and the people who make it. Battleborn is great but it will not last if you keep sabotaging it with this crap filled marketplace system.

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Is it possible to update t3 skins to have cool sound effects like with Shayne and auroxs t3 skin. Like making caldarius tmp sound like a classic arcade shooting sound effect with his polygon skin?

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Oh, I would definitely put the (gonna spell this wrong I know) Shwimwear skin in the same tier as S&A’s Balloon skin - they both have a remodel AND updated effects (Hoodini is wearing a little swimsuit and has a mustache).

I would call (and price) a retexture as tier 2, retexture plus added effects (Rath’s Summer Skin) tier 2+, a remodel tier 3 (none of these exist yet that I am aware of) and finally a remodel plus effects as tier 3+ (S&A and Marquis’s summer skins). It’s arguable what the proper price for each of these tiers is, and whether GBX should provide some in game way to get them/get Platinum, but at the very least the pricing should be consistent.

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Remember the community asked for a way to buy taunts and skins instade of rng lootpacks. I don’t want to pay for loot packs and get skins/taunts i dont like. (Personally i hate overwatch system and price)

I agree that prices and tires are all mixed up and should tottaly get repriced according to their tire, effects, texture, color and animation. I want a fair price and don’t under price their hard work.

Im willing to pay 1k platinum coins for deande Tron outfit with Tron disc weapons, animation and tron sound effects, maybe i would pay a bit more.

Ambra outfit would be great with her ult changes to a giant tiki instead of that red gem and probably hawaian music.

In the end we decide if the skin/taunt worth our money, we as community and costumers need a way to see and hear or atleast read the rework in the new models.

Great post(op) i totaly agree

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Have you seen Overwatches Legendary skins, by the way? Hitboxes aren’t affected but the changes that come with the skins are big.
I don’t think expecting that level of detail from a 1000 plat skin is unreasonable.
Unless they want to charge even more from something like that?

Does unreal engine really even require an artist for recolors? I’ve only worked with custom engines so I really don’t know, but we could change colors with just a simple change in code.

Re-textures definitely take longer due to the feedback needed, but… 10-15h?

Honest questions, I’ve never worked with Unreal Engine or with triple A games :stuck_out_tongue:

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All the recolors have been in the game from the start. They haven’t added any since the games release. They’re either unlocked through levels, challenges or faction gear packs. The retextures are all the ones they’ve introduced through the marketplace. There are only 2 remodels that I know of so far and they are the Shayne & Aurox and Marquis summer skins.

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Funny thing is, i doubt two skins in the same “tier” actually cost the same to make. But should they cost the same because they’re both the same “quality”?

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Yes. 100%

If “Jeff” Can make a skin in 10 hours, but George needs 15 to make the same skin, tough ■■■■ on that extra 5 hours. (Or you saved 5 hours with Jeff, whatever).

Thought, “Tier” is a bit of a confusing term, hence my diagram.

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It would be cool if they added some new recolors that you could get from faction packs, though.


Totally agree with this, several of the skins seem to be priced higher than they should be. Caldarious new one has less changes on it then his first skin that cost 420plat, I do not understand this pricing at all. Same with Montana’s new one, I like it alot and it fits his character and I feel the only reason why it is so expensive is because GBX knows people will want it even though it adds nothing really new (like the music added to rath’s summer skin). The price of alot of these do seem to be all over the place and don’t make a lot of sense. I would be more inclined to spend money on this if the skins followed a specific price range per tier. I do think Rath’s new one is in the right spot, don’t think it adds music or anything but it has a lot of changes to it where as Monty’s and Ambra’s don’t add to much to the character and if you ask me Ambra’s looks like a slight change to her Egyptian skin.

Edit: One last thing I think it would be nice if GBX implemented a way to gain platinum within game. Maybe its just a daily thing like you log in play a match and get 10plat. I feel like that would be a good way to get people to log in everyday to play, it would allow people to work towards something they want but still take time.