Skins seem unworthy of microtransactions

The new skins appear to be simple re-textures opposed to any model changes. As such, they don’t seem worthy of being part of a microtransaction, let alone currently basically costing $4 each. That ends up being roughly $90 to get all 25 of the skins which is absurd. Are there any plans to either greatly reduce the cost of “platinum” currency, the platinum cost of these skins, or to make the skins attainable in non-microtransaction ways?

Or better yet, are there “Tier 3” skins that might actually be worth the investment?


Tier 3 skins are coming. I’m afraid to guess how much those will cost…

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I was pretty disappointed by these skins/taunts as well. None of the taunts feel buy worthy to me and most of the skins are pretty…meh. Only like 3 or 4 that are neat, but the rest are pretty boring.

None of these are worth more than 1$. Certainly nowhere near 4$. I hadn’t planned on buying any due to the outrageous price to begin with but seeing how bland they are makes it even worse.

EDIT: Also cmon…that Ambra skin is pretty much the pre order/DDE gold skin just slightly different…shame on you.


I for one will not be buying anything in this game I already bot the digital deluxe edition during the beta.
Don’t get my wrong i buy skins in game that are free because that the only thing you buy nothing else. But most of these game have ways to earn the skin in-game for free buy grinding.

I dont see the problem. They do nothing. The base skins still show off your character level, proxy for skill, better.

Compared to BL2 the skins in this game do not interest me at all.

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In comparison to other moba’s these types of skins are normally 10 dollars. Considering I can get every skin for 25 characters for 150 dollars including hte price fo the game where in other moba’s I’d be spending almost 500 dollars for roughly the same ■■■■ since I’d have ot pay to unlock the characters and then buy a skin of equal caliber to this.

wow…these are all terrible for real money. Not sure what I was expecting but definitely not just texture changes. Meh, oh well. They divided the community and they don’t even look good ah ha ha ha ha.

Yeah, but I don’t pay in LOL or Smite an entry fee of 60 bucks plus season’s pass.

And Battleborn, even with MOBA elements, isn’t a MOBA, is a AAA hero shooter. I was ready to pay for more elaborated skins that changed a little the model (aka T3 skins).

T2 should be part of the game, with a bigger grind than T1 but part of the game nonetheless taking the little content the game has, the little population and the initial purchase we had to make.

Sorry, but I’m not rich and when I pay upfront 60 bucks I want something in return.

It’s like paying a sub for FFXIV and all the glamour (skins for clothes) that you can get in dungeons and what not were a purchase you have to get appart with no other option for costumize your character that basic gear appareance.


I would be fine having the ability to buy these skins in a microtransaction if they were also available via grinding or completing a challenge. Seems odd that they don’t get included in the season pass at the very least considering they are T2 skins.

Ultimately, they don’t affect gameplay as mentioned, but still seem odd that they would be priced at this level. Comparing to Gearbox’s Borderlands paid skins, they are pretty weak.

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I’ve never been big into skins. I have friends that will spend hundreds of dollars on gun skins in CS:GO. Even in games like Overwatch the skins seem pointless. Oh look Tracer is a clown or a pirate. Seriously who cares. Only time I care about skins in Battleborn are when both teams are playing the same hero and different skins helps identify them faster.

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What mystical moba are you playing?!