Skip Opening credits and dancing claptrap

Is there a way to skip the opening credits and the dancing claptrap in this game like you can in BL2 and the Pre sequel?

I don’t think so, primarily due to the fact that this is a loading screen I believe.

The 2K and Gearbox logos are skippable in BL2, but the dancing Claptrap is equivalent of the BL2 vault symbol loading screen. Guess the logos could be skippable and could be made it that way, but not the dancing Claptrap.

If you use the command line switch -nostartupmovies, the startup animations will be skipped. But the loading process won’t be a lot faster.

I guess I’ll just have to deal with it! Thanks.

The claptrap sequence is when the game is initializing shaders (presumably along with a bunch of other stuff). About the only way to speed it up is to switch the game on to an SSD. If you already have it on an SSD, you’re about as fast as it’s going to go.

One of these days I hope to have an SSD big enough to put my games on it, but not yet!