Skip progress bug!

So I started tvhm while playing with my cousin he was leader and we got so far on his an then I decided to start my tvhm playthrough an it started me all the way back to the beginning which I was fine with an what I wanted. So I start playing main story get to where I got to save tannis missions an then start bounty of blood again. everytime I complete a side mission or main mission that message pops up
asking if I want to progress even though I keep saying NO well guess what my melee button is the x button so I completed a side mission an completely forgot about that while I was melee the lady who gave quest an it popped up so fast I didn’t have time to stop my self from spamming x an boom now I’m at the exact same spot my cousin Is at on his playthrough I’m pissed the f off i restarted for a reason i said no to your dumb message for a reason yet yall game trolled me with that message constantly since restarting an now it’s got me I want to be back where I just was.