Skip Talking Scenes

I know gearbox allow us now to skip cut scene’s, but can’t they implement skips for the talking scene’s. OMG I’m so tired or listening to them.

Most dialog can be skipped by save/quit.

Hmm, not sure which is worse - the dialogue sequence following the vault on Promethea, or sitting through the save-quit-reload title cards and rotating vault symbol on console. Bit of a wash, really.

Yeah I guess on console it has a lot less worth but on PC it’s definitely worth it to save/quit many of those dialogs.

That depends on your load times. Probably not quicker on console, but on PC…

Yes, please do this. If I’m not on my first play through, I don’t want to sit through those and some of them can take a long time.

Many games implement “press to skip current line”, so you can quickly speed through these long dialogs.
Starting right at the beginning of the game, with Vaughn blathering on and on after you shoot him down.

Then of course we’ll attack the Talk to… issue, which is a close cousin. You’re listening to all this blather, and speeding to the next location cuz you know what’s coming, and nope you have to go back and click on the character one more time to progress.


Might not be an easy fix to do now, but I think Gearbox knows its a problem since and was “fixed” in Jackpot DLC. Waypoints dont wait for dialogue to finish as much and speedrunning that is way less of a slog.

Still a chore to run through the story. Skipping these talking scenes would help. I also hate being tethered to a npc. Typhon is the worst.

All of the Tyreen and Troy videos are a real pain on subsequent play throughs.

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Ugh, yes. Follow, Escort, Protect missions are always irritating.
Though I will say, at least in BL3 the NPC actually runs at full speed so you’re not hugely slowed. Games (Skyrim) where you’re constantly waiting for the NPC to catch up to you are the worst.

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Or if you run too close behind them they think you want to stop and chat about the weather, then take forever to get moving again.

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Those are the worst. I remember feeling nothing but dread at the beginning of the game, where you have to follow Lilith, and seeing how much slower she was than the player character. Walking animations are at a snail’s pace, and while the running’s better, they’re still noticeably slower than you are.

Just… just make them as fast as the player’s default speed. Please.

Though it doesn’t bother me quite as much, the talking can definitely be a drag. It’s one of the big reasons I’m not as hardcore as other players- I get bored hearing the same dialog if I replay the campaign over and over. So being able to skip bits of dialog would probably help.


Personally I find the story of this game not very good. Having to play the game on normal, rushing through the main quests because side quests are a waste of time until TVHM, then hop to TVHM and having to do the same boring main quest with the same dialogue. It’s not fun.
The worst part is the quests where you talk to someone and already know the next destination, only to make it to the next quest point and having to back track to, lets say lillith, to grab an item from her to continue the quest. (I worded this weird. Start dialogue, run to next quest location before dialogue is finished, to realize you need to grab the vault key before going to the next location even though you’re already there)
Wasting my life clock over here, especially when it comes to making new characters.