Skip to sanctuary 3 via new game but not TVHM?

Is there a reason we can skip to sanctuary 3 via starting a new game to play the DLCs yet can’t when resetting TVHM? I would absolutely love to be able to skip to sanctuary 3. At least have the option to. It takes so much time to get to sanctuary 3 Everytime you reset the missions. And, if you have Mayhem mode turned on and happen to reset it while it’s on, it remains on till you get to sanctuary (unless there is a way to turn it off that I’m unaware of). All in all it would be sweet if we could get this feature implemented in. If that’s already planned for the future than ignore this post. But if it isn’t, it most definitely should be!

UPDATE: May just be a bug for me that M4 stayed enabled after resetting. If that’s the case hopefully they can address that as well.

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I was playing TVHM M4 earlier today and reset it. But it did NOT activate the M4. Instead I had to get to Sanctuary and activate it.

Although, when I went from Normal to TVHM, it DID keep M4 on.

So, I agree, we should be able to either skip to sanctuary, or activate/deactivate Mayhem upon Play-through reset.

That’s odd. Right now I’m currently playing Zane (PS4) and having to do the whole first portion of the game on M4 mode. Which sucks because I’ve started leveling up on Normal mode so the enemies are stronger and I haven’t gotten all of my weapons higher level yet. Maybe it just a bug that I happened to come across. Regardless, it sucks! Lol

As can be seen here, currently working through first 5 chapters on TVHM with M4 enabled.

It’s possible it works differently on console(s).

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Might be. Never have tried it on my PC version. That’s even worse in that regard if that is the case. You have no idea how hard the biofuel quest is. You have to hit the guys like 4 times before it gets added. Painful :rofl:

We hit 57 in normal mode cause we’re slow and like exploring, but starting the hammerlock dlc was boring cause enemies weren’t 57. So we thought let’s flip it over to tvhm. We had no idea we’d have to get all the way to Jakobs manor I assume before we can start it!? This should not be the case, gearbox you need to add the toggle for starting dlc in tvhm.

edit: my mistake. we can start the dlc from the main menu. my coop host did not see the option when he started our game. @gwar2d2

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In TVHM I think you can start the Hammerlock DLC as soon as you reach Sanctuary; you don’t have to get to Jakobs Manor. I haven’t played it yet, but my Fl4k TVHM campaign is still at the Gigamind mission and the Hammerlock mission can be picked up from his room in Sanctuary.

You can get to the DLCs once you reach sanctuary. But still takes forever to get there especially on consoles with the loading screens. At least the added the menu for Mayhem in the pause menu, but the DLCs need to come next. It takes upwards of an hour to get to sanctuary after resetting and thats if you skip the very beginning missions.

Not only that but you can’t access your bank until you reach sanctuary 3. We need the skip feature.