Skipping missions in BL3 on PS4

I really love that I can skip some mission content when trying to power a character through the slog of two play-through’s. This is great!

However, I don’t understand why it only skips little sections, after which you have to play content hoping that you see the mission skip splash screen sooner than later.

Why can’t I just start a new level 50 character and skip to the end if I have completed the game? Then I could focus on making builds rather than getting frustrated re-playing the same content over and over! I don’t even care if a skip story function provides no Guardian Rank.

I play enough that I don’t need a time-sink linked to story-mode to keep me invested in the game. Please GB help us to more efficiently set up different characters by improving this skip function…

I only see a mission skip splash screen when I’ve done missions with that character while joined to someone else’s game and then I get to the same part with that character in my own game.

Very frustrating… I have had that happen a couple times as well on single player. Hit to skip. Skips absolutely nothing…