Skipping story progression playing with friends

Playing solo I was in Sanctuary about to do the first planet Promethea. Joined with some friends who were playing the final mission on the planet. It seems when I go back to solo I’m stuck in the progress of where my friends were. It looks like I lost all side missions and story missions on Promethea now. Is there a way to go back to what only my character progressed in?

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I was just about to post this but saw you had a similar issue.
I played co-op yesterday with a friend up, saved game, quit etc.
Loaded game two hours or so later and it asked if I wanted to skip missions completed on a different playthrough, said yes and it put me on Sanctuary.
Now I’m stuck on Sanctuary with no way to get off. Tried sending ship to all three areas I had unlocked, the exit pod doesn’t let me use it and fast travel has no other locations on it.
Re-started game and I’ve now got the Xbox turning itself off at the same point every time!

Not good enough for a game with 5 years development!!

got the same problem.
started solo ran a mission or two, then joined a friends game where they were just getting Sanctuary off planet, quit for the night just after they reached Promethea. Hopped on the next day and I was on promethean not where I had left off in my game.
I know that in BL2 if you did that, that the game would place you back in your game where you left off and that when you reached the point where you joined friends the night before, it would ask if you wanted to skip content already completed.
I had assumed that BL3 would be the same in this respect, apparently not!