Skipping the intro and movie would be cool

It’s bad enough to have your game scraped by the cloud save bug but it takes forever to get to pick a new character. How about you let us skip that in the future.


All cutscenes. Not just the intro.


A Skip Tutorial option at the beginning would be nice. Haven’t started a new character yet, but a friend was just complaining about having to wait like almost 15 minutes just to get to actual gun fight game play.

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The first 2 times,I didn’t mind,the 3rd is bothersome especially cause I just want to get back to the action. And yes cut scenes skip please!

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Does anyone else think the screaming “GEARBOX!!!” at the beginning is some developers kid so they refuse to make it skippable?

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They really need to make the opening logos skippable. HOWEVER, I am really glad about the ending credits. Not only are they skippable, but the first half has little comic panels to look at showing the characters.

They really need to cut it out so I can make mules faster, or just give me decent storage

And it’s so loud too. If I play when my family is asleep I mute so I don’t wake kids, it’s recorded much louder than any other sound in game.

Epic launcher->Settings-BL3->Additional command line arguments. Add “-NoStartupMovies” and it skips the 2K, Gearbox and Claptrap videos.


OMG it works!!! You are the best!

You sir are a genius…
Now figure out a way to skip all the in game cut scenes and you will become a legend.

In TVHM has that as a option

not just that but dialogue also. you just have no choice but to sit there and wait for every speech bit to pass, and yes i say that because i have had quests bug out on me because i move towards the next objective before it is pre loaded.