Skipping the opening sequence to missions

Not sure if this has been brought up previously, but as a solo player who farms missions, its insanely irritating to not be able to skip the opening sequences to the missions. It gived you the option but you press b to skip and it says loading until practically the whole sequence is over and then it says skip. It’s obviously not a big deal, just something me and my friends have found annoying. So far, its one of the very few complaints I have about the game.

This is my first time posting on the new gearbox forums, so if this has been talked about before I apologize. I tried searching and I didn’t find anything.

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poeple say its loading the map during that cut scene, but i find it hard to belive it takes that long to load.

also after you select the map the game does a cutscene already before we character select and then we choose our characters why can the map not load as we choose our characters?

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I’m okay watching the second sequence right before the actual mission starts the but the first one where kleese or ghalt talk about the mission for 2 minutes over an over without being able to really skip through that is annoying after a while

that one is skippable just spam esc key

maybe its diff on the pc but on the console if you press b to skip it doesnt actually give you the option to skip until literally right before character selection

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on the pc you just got to keep spamming the esc key it will not apear right away and the first time you are able to skip it then says press again to skip just keep spamming B!

that’s what i do though. it just says loading until the very end, then it lets you skip but by then, what’s the point. Maybe it’s just a console problem? idk. But even in the beta on the ps4 and xbox one this happened to me.


we do need all this cutscenes skippable they are annoying as we want to get into the action right away

especially if you’ve seen the cut scenes a million times already.

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On a PC with SSD I’m able to skip cutscenes in under 5 seconds.

I don’t think it can be solved with software, unless some smart level loading mechanism is implemented - e.g. allow the game to start after just the first 10% is loaded, and work on the rest in the background.

it doesnt take 3 mins to load a lvl.

intro cut scene
character choose
cartoon intro
showing off the characters we picked intro

the map can be loaded in the background just fine as we pick our characters

there has been no official response from the staff that i seen saying these are to hide load times

all we know is that first intro is the loading screen since it doesn’t let us skip till it say it is ready. so my two cents tells me that is the loading the map part and the rest is just wasting our time.