Skirmish vs AI and my take on MP/Skirm Balance

I’m purposely avoiding the campaign right now until most of the major bugs have been fixed, so I just been playing skirmishes vs AI or coop with my friend. I know the game is in BETA and still needs a lot of balance in MP/Skirmish, so I’m being patient with that right now - no worries there.

I been trying to play Taiidan vs Hiigarans and Vagyr a lot, but even on easy AI they just overwhelm me - while other times they are a cake walk - so it seems very inconsistent, or there’s some kind of bug making easy AI act differently? I’m building and researching as much, and as fast as possible, yet it still doesn’t seem to be enough - although the resource collector bug mentioned below could be the main problem I’m having with this.

Some general feedback concerning balance:

  • Ships in general die too fast - I’d like to see combat last a bit longer, as there’s little time for maneuvering and tactics.

  • Frigates in particular are severely under-powered it seems, as they die so easily. In fact, frigates and capital ships are so slow, and die quickly - I hope they will make frigates and capital ships a bit tougher - particularly frigates.

  • HW1 Corvettes do not function as they did in HW1 (able to float side to side, up and down, and keep their targets in front of them at all times), and now do strafing runs like fighters - effectively making them near useless. This means HW 2 Corvettes can fire at enemies at all times with their rotating turrets, while HW1 Corvettes have fixed forward firing guns.

  • Taiidan Defense Field Frigate should have passive effect.

  • For the sake of more flavor to the MP. I’d like to see Taiidan made to have slightly better armor, while the Kushan have slightly better speed and manueverability. This would help the make the two factions more unique (compared with the Vagyr and Hiigarans), and it also fits their design, as Taiidan are imposing with their bulky armored designs, and Kushan are sleek and agile looking.

As for bugs, the primary one hurting me right now, are resource collectors (for Taiidan - haven’t tried Kushan) not turning in their resources when full, and just sitting near the asteroid - I need to manually tell them to dock and unload, and wake them up from being stationary. This really sucks while I’m in combat and I need to divert my attention to get the collectors to work properly.


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