Skullmasher farm

quickest boss to farm for the skullmasher?

Chests. Unless it’s changed, that’s the only way.

Patch changed it to drop from boss loot pools now too same with the other sniper I forget the name that only dropped from chests


The Cocky Bastard. Found one Skullmasher but never found one of those via chest.

Eista is dedicated source.

Really eista?

Can anyone else confirm any other boss other than Eista?

What is the fastest boss to farm in dlc 2?

I would say Zam and Tam but are they considered a boss? Because if they are, I have farmed them for hours to get no drop…

Yeah I don’t think they are that’s why I asked not sute what they are categorised as mini boss or something

I don’t think that Tom & Xam are considered bosses. They’re just Named.

Do you know what is the fastest boss to farm in dlc2?

They all suck IMO because of their invulnerable stages. If I were looking for the Skullmasher, I’d just farm Eista. He’s easy to get to and pretty easy to kill unless if they’ve changed him. I haven’t killed him since the new patch.

Damn I might have pushed him to ult form uhg on m4 he was a hassle -.-

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Probably the anointed Grawn. He does have invulnerability stages but they are relatively short and can actually be skipped if you do enough damage.

have to agree with you on that…

invulnerable stages should be removed from ALL bosses… they should do something like they did with tyreen. at least you have some controll over the situation instead of having a staring contest :joy:


I was trying to think if he was considered a Boss or not. He’s a PITA to get to but once you’re there, you’re good. I farmed him a ton for the Old God shield.

Yeah the whole boss thing is the issue the patch stated it drops from bosses now and atm chests are useless

also yeah I might be alone but I feel that tyreen is the best boss in the game at least mechanic’s wise

I was finding cocky bastards in the chest after the Empowered Grawn and I found a skullmasher in the chest above a rare spawn, Enoch was the name I think. This was before the patch so those are who I think should have dropped it.
I will say the twins dropped an uncanny amount of monocles and I always wondered if it should ha e been a dlc sniper.