Skullmasher farm

Those are the two chests where I found them also. I farmed the Empowered Grawn and Amach a lot for the Old God shield.

I’m pretty sure he is. He’s got the boss health bar and is a significant fight for the story.

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she’s has one of the best fights, indeed :slight_smile:

troy is one of the worst imho (visual clutter the whole fight and immune half the time)

hell, tyreen is probably the ONLY fun bossfight… (graveward is also kinda fun… at least it has something diffrent)

Grave ward is mainly fun because he’s simple people forget how much they love just shoot the weak spot lol


But at the end of the day, only Eista has been confirmed for the skullmasher dropping? Not chests but actual drop. Because i love running Hearts Desire, killing Zam and then teleporting bacj to the fast travel and rinse and repeat until the floor is littered with legendaries and then run to Eleanor. Best Anarchy farm ive seen yet with the chance to get Soulrenders as well. But if no one else has seen a skullmasher drop from anyone other than Eista, i need ti change my farming to him. I really want that skullmasher

i love the fight for him tilting the platform haha so you can’t just stand there doing “pewpew” hahahaha

but yeah… like you said, it’s just shooting a slightly moving target (or wait and shoot a stationary target)

It’s not a bad thing some times the simple approach is just better

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the main story bosses are all a bit “meh” imho haha

BL2 bosses where fun! :smiley: even if they where beefed up normal bad guys (bad maw for example)
BL3 bosses are all pretty forgettable…

Yeah tbh bl2 is just better in general though

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agreed :innocent:

the DLC where more BL2 level though :wink: the bossfights where fun again (ok, the jackpot end boss has imunity stages again… but they didn’t take too long)

It’s more the game overall though I mean yes it had more dlc but all bl2 dlc were kinda like bl2 and the same for bl3 so in the end over all bl2 was better better mechanics better story telling and so on

Do not farm for anything in chests…they have no mayhem bonuses.


The guy who likes to slass drops both the Shullmasher and Cocky Bastard. In my first two runs after the patch he dropped them.


Anyone got an idea how much damage to look out for a MH10 skullmasher?

I tried Eista The Invincible on farms at Chaos Level 10. The struggles were long and difficult, but he doesn’t drop Shullmasher or Cocky Bastard on me.

Someone asked or said it is eista. I can confirm. I got two kinetic skullmashers in about 10 tries. On a few other drops I got 2 or 3 cocky bastards. all farming eista. Also if you run with someone, the drops are identical. UPDATE. Went back later to try my luck again and farm a decent skullmasher. I wanted to make sure the drops earlier weren’t just some strange fluke. I got two anointed skullmashers to drop. Both crap anoints, but anointed none the less. Farm this guy.


Farmed Eista earlier and I can confirm he at least drops the cocky bastard. I can also further confirm how much of a joke mayhem 10 is as the cocky bastard I got to drop was worse than the pre-mayhem 2.0 cocky bastard my buddy farmed chests to get. SIGH… No clue how/why it’s possible to get lower than at least mayhem 7 weapons on mayhem 10 difficulty. Also the anointed rate still seems garbo to me :confused:

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He drops it, but the damage on it was 2700x5. So I guess that is a bug too, right?

His dedicated drops are the skullmasher and cocky bastard. I’m going on the fact that I’ve gotten at least 10-15 of each farming him just to make sure. Is it bugged? Absolutely. He will not drop ANYTHING that’s m10. Completely worthless. Trust me. A few days ago I got a gamma skullmasher. My dream gun lol. What did I do with it? Fast traveled to cursehaven and chucked it off a cliff. Thanks gearbox. 5000 hrs put into this franchise. I love bl, but I can’t play this game right now. Neither can my friends. “Billions of guns!!” Too bad about 90% of the m10 guns are completely worthless. Sad.

Anyone tried farming Eista lately? Is he completely broken?