Skullmasher + I Never Miss = FAIL

So, I was messing around with Skullmasher I got from Nel in NVHM, and I realized something:

I Never Miss will proc for ALL projectiles of a Skullmasher shot.

Meaning, hitting an enemy with it will give you a stack (or 2 if it is a crit), but then the rest of the pellets connect with the background, and all stacks are lost…

It should probably be fixed so that hitting something with a pellet that triggers a stack gain shouldn’t lose stacks when the remaining pellets miss (if they do). likewise, if multiple pellets connect with an enemy, multiple stacks should be gained.

If someone can confirm my finding, GREAT.

IE: Don’t use the skullmasher with I Never Miss.

Try Wait For It… instead

The Skullmasher is one of the most powerful snipers on Aurelia. You shouldn’t need I Never Miss except for the big bad buddies and they’ll die pretty quick, too. There’s nothing to fix. I completed UVHM with my favorite sniper (Skullmasher) and one point in INM to gain the bonus from the Chronicler class mod. I never wanted to use another sniper or remove the point from INM because generic enemies die in one shot and big badasses got 3-4 shots in their face which provided a nice crit boost (with just one point investment) and the last shot killed them.

You could also try what Sljm suggested because you’ll always gain a stack of Wait For It with the last shot fired (which kills the enemy) from the Skullmasher. Before engaging a tougher opponent just fire a few times in the air and one-shot him/her.

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Still, imagine gaining 12 stack per shot…

Better still, not removing all 50 stacks you’ve gained…

Way too overpowered. Every sniper rifle except for Skullmasher and Pitchfork would be a bad joke compared to these two.

Does Dutchess help keep the spread tight? I put at least one point in it when I play solo, since it’s basically “free” accuracy enhancement. A class mod can push it up where you can get, what, 300 stacks? Turn that Skullmasher into a laser!

At 50 stacks of Duchess (1 point invested) you won’t notice a difference. You need at least 100-150 stacks to gain a noticeable bonus.
350 stacks at 7/5 is max.

I prefer warning shot over wait for it…

They have the same condition, so why not use both?

Wait… Does this mean that if you miss with all 6 pellets you gain 6 stacks of Warning shot and/or Wait for It??

I don’t think you stack Warnin Shot. The effect lasts a few seconds, kind of like a kill skill. Only it’s a miss skill haha

For bosses, the Skullmasher and Duchess are perfect for each other. Just keep a second sniper handy, like a low level Vladof. Go freeze a few enemies, switch to the Vladof, rack up some easy stacks of I Never Miss (and hopefully you already have Duchess built up) then go poke the boss with your Skullmasher.

The maximum is 400 stacks, if you really think your Ravager would be put to better use as a Sniper Rifle.