Skullmasher... Where do I pick up the grind now?

Long time lurker, first time posting since the heat death of the previous universe.

Pretty simple question for those hip to the grind.

Where do I go these days to try to get a hold of the skullmasher?

Be warned… Unrequited desire for this thing killed me the last 277 times I played…

So if you say “son of mothrakk” I beg you to post a time-stamped notarized video as proof that he drops it… Preferably not through the floor but at this point I would probably even settle for that.

PC, probably going to try for an 0p3 version.


No video evidence I’m afraid, but word of honour I’ve definitely had it drop from him!

I’m told that Rakkanoth in Hammerlock’s DLC / The Rakk Dahlia murders also drops it, and the Son of Moth skins, but that’s never happened for me.


I know someone recently got his from Rakkanoth - but you need to Read-Only farm the mission (after retrieving the fireworks). I think Joltz has a vid about it.

Never have I ever gotten a S’masher from Mothrakk. It’s so cursed.


I’ve gotten the Skullmasher as a world drop and as loot from Dahl red chests so there is that if you’re interested. Edit: just checked my mule chart and I have 6 of them- 2 level 68’s, a level 67, an OP5, OP6 and Op8 so it shouldn’t be that hard to get…


I recently farmed it from Rakkanoth, using a sort of PS4 Dashboard method. I’ve been able to get it to drop about 4-5 times.
My first “farming session” was quite successful but subsequent sessions have proven to be somewhat painful.
Even with Rakkanoth the loot can be thrown out of bounds and possibly fall through the map. That said it only takes a couple of minutes to farm if staged correctly.
Again, that’s on PS4, but what I understand of PC read-only farming it’s somewhat similar.


Do you have a specific character you use for farming Rakkanoth? Also, what strategy do you use to make it as quick as possible while trying to keep the loot drop in bounds?


I use a Zer0 and a Fire Lyuda and start “The Rakk Dahlia murders” Complete the quest up to the point that you summon Rakkanoth, then save and quit.(it’s here I imagine PC players would set their file to Read-Only)
When starting back, Rakk spawns immediately and almost in front of you. I try to kill him while he is over the dropoff. If he circles around over the buildings and you kill him it’s near impossible to recover dropped loot. You definitely want it to fall down into the water. There have been a couple times I’ve been unable to find the loot. Usually, however, you can see the orange glow of the falling Skullmasher.
If you can’t find the Skullmasher, dashboard out and re-start the game and repeat the process. If he does drop it collect the goods. I give it to a mule then dashboard if it does’t have parts/prefixes I want.
I also do some USB save gymnastics but I’m not sure if that’s something that’s allowed to be discussed here. (You have to do similar things to get a set of pimpernels or sandhawks)

Hope all that made sense.

Edit: Also, while searching for the Skullmasher there are usually 2 boats that come around full of savages and they can be a pain. It’s definitely not the easiest farm, but it’s not the hardest either.

I REALLY wanted the Skullmasher…so…


So I guess feel ashamed for having either forgotten about or never heard of rakkanoth…

I’m really glad I asked you guys because coming back from a long hiatus to suffer through mothrakk’s stingy shenanigans would have been kinda risky for me… Think coffin nails that have been bent straight…


But I have a path now so I am looking forward to it.

Do you have a preferred dhal chest run?

Sup bro? Hisashiburi… tnx for the heads up, I’ll search joltz in a min.

I’m pretty much 100% certain that BL1 mothrakk was not actually born as a rakk. My sources indicate Mothrakk was actually created by Tannis when she spliced rakk DNA with a female Chinese crested dog…

IOW son of Mothrakk was actually a son of a b*tch all along

Thank you for asking that!

Made great sense. Thank you very much for taking the time share your in depth, well articulated insight good sir!


No problemo.

It’s part of the Hammerlock DLC. You have to play until you get to Scylla’s Grove and you get the mission from ClapTrap.

Like you, it was a weapon that I really wanted and was even toying with the idea of farming Mothrakk but saw a video explaining this method.

There it is.


Lol I searched it as you were responding…

This should be fun!


wait are you @Aether_Seraph? I watched your glass tank build and CA zero video guides.

Glad your back.


Do you…? I have a Hot and Sapping hail on my krieg from soft resetting my playthrough twice at 72. I have a slag and fire pimp, and one corrosive sandhawk cause it’s just for Saturn. Why would you jump USB saves on a ps4? Just make a new playthrough if you don’t have enough space. Seriously. Game won’t glitch or nothing, I have a mule krieg and jump guns to saves all on my system, I even just reset pls to get certain items and be done. I have no clue what the heck you made it that complex for. Forgive me if I sound like a jerk, but a year of farming in this game and a krieg with 12 days and at least 5 resets on the save makes me curious.


Skullmasher!?!?!? :astonished: Why on Pandora would anyone farm for that? It’s not that it’s an incredibly bad gun, it’s just that there are so many other snipers out there that are better and easier to get.

It’s not like in TPS, where it’s an absolute beast on Aurelia. In BL 2 it’s quite average, imo. Expecially when you try to kill something at long range, and the pellet spread make half of them miss.


Ehh, it’s always given me a reason to put 5/5 precision on my hybrid Zero. It’s a good gun on him tbh. But on anyone else? ■■■■ no. Hawkeye is a better find for Axton, and a Purple Muckamuck is more reliable on Zer0 a lot, nice fire rate too like the lyuda but fsr (quick spread) it needs 10/5 velocity to be good to me though, I don’t consider 30m to be sniping lol. Maya prefers a Maliwan sniper


Indeed that was me once upon a dream. Glad you found what I shared useful.

Feels good to be home.

I would imagine it’s so that they can farm the gamestage in order to make getting a good drop less time intensive.

On PC we can set the character save data to read only so any progress doesn’t automatically get saved.

On console one way to accomplish the same thing is to have identical saves on two USB drives and swap them out after loading up the save just prior to the loot drop.

Getting something worthwhile out of the session just means a trip to claptraps secret stash kiosk. Items placed there are not part of the character save data.

Afterwards you just swap back to the USB with the unprogressed save data and you can load up the instance all over.

Why do I want a skullmasher? Who knows?

It’s probably a secret, Though possibly a pointless one… I honestly don’t know yet.

Time will tell? What is was my favorite class mod you ask?

You sir are clearly making use of gray matter… This an obvious violation to presidential sanctions established to restrict the use of brain cells and promote a fair market/ better atmosphere on Twitter.

Please continue.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say…I just save the game in a state that the mission isn’t accepted, farm the item I want, then return the mission to its previous un-accepted state. This way when(or if) I go from OP3 to OP7 I can do the mission again with the same character. I guess I could reset, then play an hour to get back…but I’d rather do it in 30 seconds…maybe I’m just not understanding you.

Because it kills stuff…deader than dead…and it has a cool name. Yeah, there are other snipers out there that are better…I’ve gotten all those…Lyuda, Pimpernel, Longbow etc…but I’m a Jakob’s fan. Tell me where I can reasonably farm a Muckamuck and I’d probably do that first. Besides, it was a challenge and kind of a fun farm…but admittedly it does get tedious after a while. But…you’ll be happy to know that I settled on a less than perfect prefix…but it did have perfect(ish) parts.

I use the Buffalo for that…


Hey! Good to see you back around these parts!


Only thing I say is that I’m using that valuable action game intolerant matter of my brain badly;
Zer0 is my second favorite character, I’m weird on the sirens. You’re joking tho right? The people on Twitter had stuff in their water.



Wondered when this was coming :rofl:


Firestone, SS&P, Bloodshot Ramparts- once you reach there, save and quit then reenter Bloodshot Stronghold to farm the red chest you find before Roland’s cell and Frostburn Canyon are good chest places to start…