Skullmasher... Where do I pick up the grind now?

Wurmwater is where I go for a quick chest run: spawn two skiffs at Scarlett’s ship; leave one behind and take the second to the entrance to The Dish to find a quick five (plus three more if the Hyperion Convoy is in town):

  • Grab the chest just across from the base of Washburne Refinery
  • Take the elevator up and grab the red chest on the supports to Washburne Refinery
  • Head to the Dish and grab the red chest on top of the receiver
  • Grab the red chest at the beginning of the gangway leaving the map
  • Grab the red chest at the end of the gangway leaving the map
  • Sometimes the convoy is on the way to The Dish, sometimes it’s on the way out. I may take a quick run through their common spawn points after hitting these five, and if I don’t see them, zip to the nearest Fast Travel and teleport to the skiff I left behind for instant teleport back to Scarlett’s ship.

Sounds like a good starting point in case I need to break up the monotony.

Hisashiburi Ada!
Honestly I don’t think that It would have occurred to me that wurmwater is a good chest run…

Kind of excited tbh. Destiny has obliterated my fine tune thumb control and this is exactly the kind of loop I need to get back into the groove.

I figure the skully will be somewhat forgiving, but it has been years since I have even tried to keep a working CA stack…


I’ve also found the Skullmasher in a red chest. It was after killing that big dumb turkey in the Thanksgiving DLC. That’s been the only other one.
Oddly enough I’ve found more Lyuda’s in chests than any other unique/legendary sniper, I think 4 so far. If I found skullmashers that frequently I probably would have never farmed it.


@The_Cyberbaron Why USB save on a PS4? So I can farm full set of on level Pimp AND Sandhawk whenever I want without having to reset my playthrough. That’s why.
As for why someone would want a Skullmasher. Because it’s a neat long range shotgun! :sunglasses:
Is there something better? Sure, there’s always something better. But not everyone want to restrict their games to only the toughest challenges using only the best guns with only the best build.
A fun thing to toy with. My commando usually carry one or have it in it’s bank.

I find your lack of faith disturbing…
… And some of us are just collectors at heart. :wink:


This exactly…and you can the same for any mission reward item that you want to obtain/upgrade. I was doing the same for Kittens and Heartbreakers…but I’m off the Moxxi stuff for the time being(it was turning into quite the crutch).

Since I’ve started playing a Jakobs Zer0 it’s more or less become his main sniper, that and the Buffalo. I’ve not had any problems killin stuff.
P.S. The purple muck you gave me is still used regularly. I’ve yet to find a more powerful non-unique Jakobs sniper even at OP2.


kewl ! :upside_down_face:
Wasn’t the best stock but a nice one indeed.


Well, it’s not the worst stock either, and now that I’m using an allegiance relic the recoil is minimal…so non-issue :grinning:


Can I just tender an opinion?
Farming red chests in hopes of getting a specific legendary is complete insanity.

I now have 3000 hours in the game and have randomly come across approximately THREE S’mashers. Better to farm or trade.

Incredibly the most recent was OP2 and is perfect for Jakobs Zer0. And yes - Precision helps it a lot.


Pretty sure I got mine from a red chest thou!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe… If you’re pretty good like Naked Snake…

Oh. Good luck with that.
You’re ■■■■■■.
CA falls if you can’t crit with a sniper every 3 seconds or so. One of the only truly reliable guns for CA stack… is the Patriot. Yeah. That nightmare MG sniper nobody can grasp. The lyuda is ok… I found one in a chest and gave it to my Zer0. It needs distance and just wastes bullets on most targets.


Comedically enough, many of my drops I use on low lv and trade over were world and chest legendary drops.


Fine. Me too. It’s not like any of my Nasty Surprises came from Vermi.

But this is stuff you’ve randomly come across and ended up using and maybe even keeping.

This doesn’t mean there’s any reasonable chance you’ll randomly find exactly what you’re looking for.


I have 3 bonus packages, two from my lv 6 characters from Boom Bewm. It’s a gamble though, cause ever since I gotta farm it to drop it.


No argument there… I walked clear off the edge of the cliff years ago and have never looked back.

Yeah I know… It was a painful realization when I became aware of just how much I have slipped because of the auto aim

Does it?

I’ll just use an SMG to crit then…

But in all seriousness when work a running CA stack I only have my crit machine and the gun I use to kill equipped.

Storm was hilarious, but I always wanted to try the skully for my kill weapon.


Then head over to Moxxi and grab her cheee… ssboard! :innocent:


Auto aim is the worst feature ever. Bullet magnetism is already implemented in some form even in Bl2 (the more accurate a gun is, the more chance it has to curve a bullet to the crit when you crit, or body shots, and it has a smaller chance to apply to gyrojets and does not apply to rockets, probably a UE3 qurik more than a developed mechanic). Fallout New Vegas is the only game to do it right… Luck will make the bullet curve to a target somewhat, with a luck roll! I feel bad a lot of modern games force it to be always on because it’s not an attractive feature and ■■■■■ up any kind of help leading targets it tries to give and always points to chests and not heads.

Speaking of chests, you wanna get stabbed by her shiv in those boobs ■■■■■■■■■■■■? Yeah, thought so.
I mean, I would. But. That’s another story.


Oh, and btw, CA can’t work without a sniper rifle. Lmao. Pretty sure you know that.


The subject of aim assistance honestly makes me furious.

The ability I intentionally honed and practiced as Z3RO to shoot precisely with a controller was the cornerstone of my enjoyment… And it is all but gone.

Last time I played BL2 I couldn’t hit sh*t.

Its going to be a steep climb, but I will probably never be satisfied with any game if I don’t get it back.

Who knows what I know? Who knows what I said?

“We come and we go…”

That’s the thing that keep in the back of my head.


It’ll always come back. Dw.
For one, make sure your controller hasn’t aquired a massive dead zone. This is becoming a nightmare as controllers evolve and sticks are getting more imputs on their bottoms. I’d clean it and recalibrate, or buy a new one. I had to just buy a new Dualshock 4 after only around a year of using the one that came with the thing, literally is unreliable now cause I can’t get it to stop imputting to the left all the time when idle or randomly, calibration made it worse. I’m actually aiming better and I feel that it helps a lot to clean and maintain controllers even more than skill holding them. I can press buttons, aim and fire all at once, but that’s a large amount of skill i aquired that never goes away really.
Make sure you’re comfortable with your x and y axis sensitivity… This is a game with smooth aiming, it’s a lot more on your sensitivity than skill. If you play Bluetooth, immediately stop. This game doesn’t like that. Something about that connection makes correction impossible. Or don’t, it’s not that horrible. Lol.


I appreciate your imput… But hardware tolerances, and signal fidelity aren’t the issue.

Hold onto your seats

Here’s the thing…

I do a LOT of rigorous endurance style work with my hands, so muscle memory and control are probably kind of bit different for me. Performing actions that can easily result in bloodloss tends to reinforce a kind of dexterity that overrides everything else.

The problem I have with destiny aiming and auto aim in general is that nonlinear functions don’t get saved for very long if at all in my muscle memory… I literally train them out my system because of the work that I do.

Getting different results to identical movements frustrates the ever loving shitake mushrooms out of the different parts of my mind.

I can almost feel the pattern recognition and command hierarchy bitching at my thumbs for not responding properly and missing a shot.

But my thumbs know they did exactly what they are supposed to for the given action… The value has been plotted and iterated based on thousands of i/o cycles.

Thinking back I realize the targeting actions have had repeated consistent results at least 20:1 over the course of a thousand individual events. Of the anomolous outcomes there is almost no consistency amongst the deviations, otherwise a pattern would have been established and adjustments made automatically.

Beyond that analysis my thumbs dgaf… Muscle memory don’t do calculus, and nothing in reality functions in a similar way except trying to bathe a cat.

My subconscious parses the whole thing and reasons that the game designers have implemented “counter aim” reticule behaviors to cultivate a longer player investment cycle.

It’s the only model that fits the data other than Parkinson’s, mad cow disease or similar neurological disorders… But based on the lack of “symptoms” outside of video games it seems unlikely that I am losing control of my dexterity.

I’m not sure if it is actually anti magnetic reticule behaviors, or if they just create a deficit by overstimulating the reticule magnetism during a reward cycle.

Any way you dice it the aiming is not static and it has significantly degraded my accuracy with joysticks.

The way my hands work is like a tool, I can apply offsets to the action in order to advance, delay and achieve whatever outcome I want physically.

But if identical physical inputs can result in varying outputs in the game my manual Bridgeport hands/brain will just set a value that works most of the time.

Tldr: Playing destiny is like trying to mill cold rolled steel square stock that has a 10% chance to either evolve into titanium mid stroke for 3% of the time or magically become aluminum 2% of the time.

Borderlands never gave me that trouble because it LET ME TURN AIMING ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS OFF.

Aaaaand I am off topic…


/end rant