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This is a thread about discussing the wonderful game Skyrim.

Have any stories from the game to share, beutiful screenshots or just need help with the game post it here.
Basicaly anything Skyrim related goes here.

We used to have a rather big thread on the old forum so this thread is following its footsteps.


  • don’t post adult mods, if you have to post an adult mod leave a warning in your post.
    Some mods have the adult content warning even though they aren’t really adult mods, mostly skin mods with nude screenshots, those mods are fully allowed but include a warning.
    (I am well aware that Nexus have a warning for adult mods but this warning does not show up for logged in users)
  • respect other peoples preference of mods
    Two simple rules to follow.
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Anything Skyrim related? So can I talk about my criticisms of Skyrim?

The lack of actual gameplay, and any gameplay that is there is nullified by the extremely exploitable progression system. It’s so exploitable, in fact, that it’s possible to exploit it without even meaning to!

Then there’s the bad ai. There’s no such thing as good ai, but Skyrim is at the bottom of the barrel. 9/10 enemies are programmed to do absolutely nothing but run at you until they die.

Then there’s the broken save system. Autosave isn’t reliable and you often lose hours of progress because you played for a long time without opening the inventory. I shouldn’t have to take myself out of the game in order to save. That completely breaks any immersion and is simply lazy game design. The only time non-autosave systems are okay is in games like Kingdom Hearts where save points are strategically placed in order to prevent save scumming and they’re placed in places that offer respite so it’s not as much of an immersion breaker.

I could go on and on forever about why I think Skyrim is the most overrated game ever. I wouldn’t even give it a 7/10. I mean, even the graphics feel dated at this point, they looked cool at the time, but compare them to other games of the time retrospectively and Skyrim looks like a proverbial bowel movement. Not only that but the R2-mashing “gameplay” feels less advanced or engaging than some 70’s arcade games.

I agree with everything said here about the base game (And even DLC), it is a rather disappointing game on its own. However, if you decide to get mods for the PC version of the game, your experience playing it can turn from lackluster, boring and broken to a much better game all around. I still play Skyrim at least two days a week, to sometimes all week from how good of a game it becomes, when all of my major complaints (Really, everything you’ve listed there) have been fixed up. I’d give my current game a 9/10. It’s addicting as hell. I would only give the vanilla game a 6.5/10, due to how broken and bland it feels.

If this time we have more discussions and less modded game pictures,then I am really looking forward to posting here regulalry…

No this is a thread about ALL of Skyrim you cant expect people to not post modded gameplay.
Modding is a big part of Skyrim so it will most likely be a big part of this thread.

Yes I allow any topic about Skyrim but its a bit of a douchy move to start the thread with a negative topic, if you dont like the game why are you on a thread about it?
Anyway each to thier own, I personaly love the game and its world and all your complains can be fixed with mods.


I’m trying my hardest to say something witty about this screenshot, but I don’t even know what to think about it… Also, is this Tropical Skyrim?

No idea not my game, its a screenshot I saw way back its called Mod Overload.
Im pretty sure its Tropical Skyrim though with al lthe palm trees and bambo.

Ah. It could use a few more mods to make it a true “Mod Overload”, but it’s still ridiculous.

I think it looks hillarius but I would never use those mods.
I use a lot of immersive mods and I love them all, if you need any mod tips Id be happy to help.

I use lots of immersive mods as well, and a long list of mods to increase my performance. My processor is a bit underpowered for the game, so I get lots of framerate drops (mostly due to lighting effects, it seems). It’s nice that ENB series allows me to reach 75FPS with the game working flawlessly, though, as I like taking advantage of my monitor. No NPC scheduling errors, sky errors, or even physics errors related to it, although the physics seems to run around 45FPS.

Do you use SkyRe, by the way? I’m kind of looking for an easy way to make reproccer patches, and balance every item as I like, so that mod items scale to about the same quality that they would be in the vanilla game.

[quote=“Omega59, post:12, topic:605, full:true”]Do you use SkyRe, by the way? I’m kind of looking for an easy way to make reproccer patches, and balance every item as I like, so that mod items scale to about the same quality that they would be in the vanilla game.
Yes I use SkyRe, exept Race and Standing stones moduler I like the default ones.
Reproccing is quite easy to do you just need the ReProccer and you most likely need the Compatibilty Reproccer patches, you want the one from Xathra as the one from Balbor and Steelsouls is outdated.
Its a bit tricky if you use Mod Organizer like me but its not hard there either.

My problem with the reproccer utility is that I create patches that set some armors down to 0 defense. Is there any way to avoid that, specifically? Also I’ve looked at the reproccer patch that you’ve mentioned, but that doesn’t cover all of my mods, and I’d rather not have to enable a lot of .esp files. I’d rather just have the one “reproccer.esp”.

You pretty mutch NEED those compatability patches if you want to play SkyRe, no way to avoid it.

Which armors excactly is it that gets 0 armor?

Right when it’s important to remember which armors it was, I can’t remember. I’ll have to look through it, it’s mostly shields though, I’ll have to check if it’s just Immersive Armors giving me a bunch of those 0 armor shields, but I’ll probably just grab the specific patches for those.

For IA and IW to work you need the ReProccer patches and WAFR, it comes with a snazy installer.
just get it and be done with it, it will fixes a lot of things just look through the list.

Fair enough. I’ll just go ahead and grab it now.

Good, also remember you need Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade as its needed to patch things like IA, IW and Book of Silence.
Good luck.

Also ween using SkyRe I recommend using the Uncapper, because SkyRe uses a custome ini for it and its requiered for some mods, and starting a new save as you will get a extra perk every 5 lvl and you will lose perk on old character.
I also recomment SkyRe Helmless Warrior if your like me and use stuff like hoods and circlets.

I posted that in a hurry,so I wasn’t clear what I wanted to say.

I have nothing against modding in Skyrim and mod it myself.The problem I have is that almost all screenshots were wrapped in [shot] tags and I always had to load them up and scroll though,when simple hyperlink can do the job and doesn’t annoy those who don’t want to see it.

If this site is more picture and mobile friendly (and it seems that it is) then it won’t be much of a problem.

Ah now I fully understand, thanks for being for clear.
As far as I have seen there havent been any problems with pictures increasing the loading time on the new platform.
Still I wont stop anyone from posting images so just hope it works better on this platform for you.