Slag-Licked challenge glitched again

When playing Borderlands 2 in UVHM with OP8 equipment and massive damage output, the Slag-Licked Challenge again glitched out.I completed the challenge in the normal playthrough, but then in UVHM OP8 it glitched again like in the past and is repeating itself again and again.

Now my first slag-counter for the slag-Licked challenge is in the billions it can be completed but than it starts again.
Is it because of the OP8 Bee shield maybe? Happend on all Charackters, all with OP8 gear.

Is there a point treshhold for these challenges and if you reach a certain amount of DPS it can glitch out?

Anyone got the same problem?

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I have the same problem also, got to op8 and the challenge appears every few enemies - Im playing on a gunzerker and initially thought it could be the guns I am using DPUH/grog no bee but when I loaded my axton save up he is getting the achievement from his turrets alone with out me even firing my gun - one thing i’ve noticed though is the bug appears for me when fighting a high health enemy such as an ultimate badass as it give you the opportunity to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.
For some reason I couldn’t even get the achievement to appear until uvhm as the damage counter was in the negative numbers e.g -108769857 / 5000 stage 1 but soon as the challenge completed it just keeps resetting itself over and over.
It’s very frustrating as my badass rank has its gone up by 20k just from the last time I played and the endless maliwan elegance skins spamming my backpack isn’t fun.
Hopefully there will be a fix soon:(

Same here. I’m trying to platinum the game, and I can’t even do that with all these glitches.

The slag licked challenge has always been glitched. It should be called the slag glitch challenge.


I had heard that you could fix this glitch by reuploading from PS3 back to PS4.

I went to go do that, but then I realized I had just beaten OP3 on my PS4 character, and deleting him would mean I gotta do it again after downloading it again. It might sound innocuous but it took me a few dozen tries just to beat OP3, so I’m dreading doing it again.

Is there any hope this glitch will just be patched?

So I said screw it and deleted my PS4 character, then re-uploaded from PS3 to fix the glitches.I checked my challenges and they were fixed. I was in the process of redoing OP3 and the slag challenge glitched again. I checked and both it and the corrosion one were glitched on me again.

So I’m now also having the same problem as OP.

how is this a bad thing??


I’m trying to platinum the game, too. Really frustrated by this glitch. It makes completing all of the level one challenges with a single character impossible. Hard to understand why the bonus slag damage is so much more difficult to track properly than other elemental damage types. Please fix it, Gearbox. My platinum awaits.


I’m experiencing the same glitch.

My BAR doesn’t actually go up (which is good because I want to keep farming BAR and keep being proud of my legitimately earned 80k BAR) and I don’t get the skin at all, I’m just not able to complete stage 1 and anything past it.

Does this mean my platinum is going to be unobtainable? That would suck bit time.

Any word on an ETA for a fix for this GBX?

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I’m having the same glitch with slag and fire. The values are negative in both.

Is there a fix for this?


So I just noticed today that I have the slag glitch. I was doing the last part of my rocket launcher and shot gun challenges (UVHM) and when I finished…I was like where is the trophy? I went through all my challenges and I have -1,989,584/5000 on the slag 1 challenge. I have no PS3 character to transfer (I started from level 1) so not sure what I can do. This is the last trophy I need for the platinum and I really don’t feel like grinding another character to get this done. It’s sort of frustrating that this is a long known glitch and its still here on the PS4. Anyone found a solution yet?

It should eventually fix itself. Just keep slagging things. I had the glitch on most of my main characters, now they are all fixed. The stack has to get to zero again before it will un-glitch.

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I get the skin and the points, so my BAR keeps going up. But not that it’s making much difference at this level…

Well after continuing on with UVHM I did noticed the slag counter was counting up, and after about an hour of playing I jumped all the way to slag level 4 and got the challenge trophy!!! So thanks for the advice about keep playing.

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The slag challenge isn’t what is the major issue to me (it is an issue but it fixes itself regularly), it’s the fire damage glitch. It’s the same as slag licked but it doesn’t fill nearly as fast. In fact it takes forever on UVHM OP8 to get 1 million damage.

Yeah it happed to me too.

Wasn’t an issue in TVHM because there (with the rare use of slag and damage numbers considerably lower) I just couldn’t complete stage 1 of the challenge, but now in UVHM I get the challenge completion and skin frequently. Must have been at least a 5k BAR so far.

Lots of unlegitimately earned badass rank, which really sucks. Any progression system that is broken is pointless. Fix this ■■■■ already Gearbox or give us an ETA at least.

Yup. My challenges are glitched into negatives as well. Just as I was looking forward to maxing out badass rank too. Slag licked and maybe a few others.

I’m having this issue as well. It seems that all of my elemental challenges are glitched out. The slag challenge keeps repeating itself, and the other elemental challenges won’t let me go past rank one. I tried checking to see if the large number on the left of the challenge is counting up, like others have mentioned here, and mine aren’t moving at all. The sad part is I wouldn’t have noticed this if it weren’t for trying to platinum this game again (for ps4).

The elementals don’t increase if you kill enemies too far below your level I’ve found. My OP8 character is bugged so I thought I’d just run around TVHM to get easy kills but it doesn’t work. To get the challenge to progress I have to kill OP8 enemies.

same with my characters as well. got the challenge 3 times in about half hour.