Slag-Licked challenge glitched again

(yuvalezra2001) #21

I’m trying to complete it in normal mode… but when I go with my OP8 gear it shows me “-918,843,955”… and therefore I can’t get the platinum trophy… PLEASE GEARBOX, HELP! T^T


+1, my BA rank has literally doubled since moving to ps4. Challenge went off three times in one farm session of Pete the other day.

(Sac721) #23

I’m having the same problem now on Mac. My slag-licked challenge hasn’t budged from negative four million something-or-another, and it says I haven’t completed even one level. On other forums, I’ve read that it’ll just randomly correct itself eventually and pop all the levels at once. Have other people experienced this and/or figured out how to correct the issue?

(Yoda1980) #24

i can’t level up in two challenges on ps4 borderlands 2 Slag and Licked and i want to set the world on fire it says ( 2147481710/5000 in slagged and licked and 2147483326/5000 in i want to set the world on fire) i cant progress in leveling up. how do fix this without deleting my game and starting over. i checked all vault hunter modes and its the same . i am a level 72 siren

(BareFinn) #25

I have the same bug. I get it with Krieg on OP1 when I slag a group of mobs and get an insane bloodsplosion string… In addition I only get the same 5 choices when I’m to choose a badass token reward.

Edit: and that character is brought over from PS3 where I had none of those bugs…

(Legendary Punzerker) #26

Glitched challenges are something the team is investigating. As soon as we have more info, we’ll pass it along!

(Mattbrasel) #27

Any word yet on a fix? I am not starting another character AGAIN.

(Jsesta9907) #28

I have the exact same issue with these two challenges - “Slag Licked” and “I Just Want to Set the World on Fire” both show my progress at negative Hundreds of millions. I’m playing on a level 72 Gunzerker that was created on the PS4, not imported. Supremely frustrating.

(Alpha X Wolf) #29

I am having this glitch now to. Finally managed to find Jimmy Jenkins to find my slag licked challenge at -400 million, so no trophy for me. I am guessing since it’s been almost a year since this glitch was first reported that they are not gonna bother fixing it…figures…

(Oliver Wicks) #30

There is a temp fix for this problem :slightly_smiling::

To fix that problem, you need to re-transfer a clean save from the PS3 version via the in-game Cross-Save Cloud but do not perform any elemental attacks or use your Action Skill else your save will glitch out again. Once you have downloaded your save, find a non-elemental challenge to complete in the main game e.g. Roid Shield kills then complete it to the next level and your trophy will pop :smile:. If you want to get Maya’s/Axton’s Action Skill trophy (depending on which one the save glitched out on), ensure your save is still clean then respec but only put a point into the initial Skill then go off and kill something with it to pop the trophy :smile:.

It took ages to figure out but the above is what I came up with after getting hit by this glitch.


If you can, go fight Pyro Pete The Invincible at max level, I got the challenge like 5 times against him. XD
Granted, I was playing as Maya with a Legendary Cat com and a Shock Bone Of The Ancients.

It takes much longer against enemy mobs than bosses.

(Alpha X Wolf) #32

Ahh I finished it and got my trophy. I was playing as Maya on level 66 with Cata tree maxed so it didn’t take to long . Still annoying though.


When I bloodsplode stuff with Krieg my inventory just fills up with maliwan elegance skins. Guess theres no news on a fix for this?

(In Vino Veritas) #34

Unfortunately, not as of yet.

I would suggest though to simply use the Badass points until you reach a level you’re comfortable with (i.e. doesn’t make the game a cake-walk). I’ve seen most leave it around +30% on each, and then stop to retain the challenge.

As for the Maliwan Eligance, I just drop them to make room to pick up other items.


Ok, not a big deal just a bit annoying. Sort of makes the rest of the badass challenges obsolete and that is a bit unfortunate.

(In Vino Veritas) #36

Yeah, that is my only issue with it.

Unfortunate really, but it only really affects end game (fortunately).

(Sealeviathan) #37

While playing I have fixed this bug in my game by playing at my difficulty level using slag weapons. I think it fixes itself when it says you reached 10,000,000 slag damage (at OP8 it doesn’t take very long to hit).

(buybrys) #38

Yeah I always get this challenge especially on gunzerker when I’m doing raid bosses on OP8. I have had countless of a skin earned sometimes more than 10 a playthrough. I didn’t think it was a bad thing figuring it’s giving me more bad ass rank. If I had one complaint it would be the skin it gives me over and over.

(Johnconnie) #39

I just got the game a few weeks ago and Im having problem with the slag licked challenge. Hopefully when i keep playing it will fix its self. So annoying

( #40

I keep getting the same issue on my melee Zer0 mostly when I do Killing Bl0w or when I one shot Ultimate Badass Loaders or other enemies of similar toughness this is all on OP8 and it only happens with my Zer0 it keeps getting annoying as I want to have legitimate stats plus the amount of skins I get are ridiculous I’ve had like 50 on me at one time although I doubt a fix will be implemented I would greatly appreciate one however