Slag-Licked challenge glitching?

My slag licked challenge keeps resetting itself. Every so often I’ll get the full 5 tiers, the badges rank and the maliwan skin. This is happening on all of my characters, any ideas why?

At first it wasn’t registering at all, at one point I had 5000000/5000 damage on lv 1 but since then it keeps resetting.

that challenge has been bugged for the longest time, eventually it may fix itself. Theres never been a fix put out for it, so it has always been bugged. some of the other elemental challenges here have been known to bug to, so you might want to check those to.

This bug has been around since launch, there is a temp workaround but it’s messy (to save time, I’ll quote myself from another site):

To fix that problem, you need to re-transfer a clean save from the PS3 version via the in-game Cross-Save Cloud but do not perform any elemental attacks or use your Action Skill else your save will glitch out again. Once you have downloaded your save, find a non-elemental challenge to complete in the main game e.g. Roid Shield kills then complete it to the next level and your trophy will pop :smile:. If you want to get Maya’s/Axton’s Action Skill trophy (depending on which one the save glitched out on), ensure your save is still clean then respec but only put a point into the initial Skill then go off and kill something with it to pop the trophy :smile:.

Gearbox know about this but I have no idea when it will be permanently fixed :frowning:.

The elemental DOT and Slag challenges just keep bugging out for seemingly no reason. I still believe it might be caused by an integer overflow as the challenges suddenly end up at -2,147,483,648 or -2^31. Maybe the game continues to keep track even after the challenge is completed and resets once you end up at the positive 2^31 (possibly resulting in the integer overflow as I mentioned)? It’s all just a theory though.

While intimidating it is not an impossible number so it will eventually end up being positive again and thus completes the challenge again (after going through the required positive amount too).
This happened to me so my times now and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

I didn’t know that, I’ve played bl2 pretty much since day one, on both console families and pc and this is the first time I’ve encountered it

While this may be annoying. In my experience it glitches at a rate of roughly once every other instance I get on.

100 Badass points every other sitting isn’t game breaking. If you’re some one that gets on for quick sporadic bursts (i.e. have a schedule that allows for 1 hour here and there, but very often), I would suggest just making the best of it.

Invest those points, you’re not gaining the system, and in some round about way you’ve nearly earned them. Once you reach a level that you’re comfortable with (let’s say 20-25% on all stats). You can just stop investing points.

It’s what I’ve done. (Save for max health which is like at 27% because of the early glitch).

I have 300 unspent tokens. I already had 200k rank, and about 23% buffs before this thing went nuts. What happens wht the token counter overflows? hmmm

i dunna spend those tokens because that shield delay is short for zer0. That buff is already crazy enough for my taste.