Slag licked challenged glitched

Im currently trying to platinum Borderands 2 on the ps4. I only need the challenge accepted trophy for my platinum. But when i look at the last challenge which is called slag licked. Its shows a negative pile of numbers. And i cant get past the first rank. What should i do?


There isn’t much that can be done unfortunately.
The obvious answer is to try with another fresh character and try again but that is understandably annoying.
It is however possible to let the challenge become positive again. This unfortunately can also take a long time as it starts at around -2.1 Billion. If your character is only 50 this will take a very long time. On 72 it’s actually rather quick especially because of the Slag x3 multiplier. BNK-3R has a good amount of health and can be slagged, it’s just not that visible.

I have a 72 commander. What do you suggest i do?

Get the Double Up skill to slag as many enemies as you can. If you have a 72 Bee, use (and definitely spec into Willing). Play on UVHM for the Slag 3x Multiplier, use the right element for the enemies and use the right elemental relic(preferably Bone of the Ancient so you also get some faster cooldown for the turret) to boost the damage further.
You could also fight Pete the Invincible. There’s no need to win, just damage his shield with a good shock gun and the Bee (Shock Sand Hawks work exceptionally well here) as much as you can. Hiding behind the scaffold where he spawns also allows you to avoid his Novas. Otherwise using the pipe in front of his spawn is the safer way of washing off your DOTs.
You could also farm the Treants from DLC4 in the Forest. They have quite a fair amount of health and you may get another Bee on the way. Fire weapons go a good way. There’s also the Warlord there who has even more health. If he becomes Duke of Orcs he is much more difficult to slag however, you may want to quit at that point instead.
And slag, slag as much as you can because that is the challenge of course.

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Congrats in beating that glitchy mess into submission :slight_smile:

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You’re the best.

Awww :blush: I am just glad to be of use <3

Yeah the glitch keeps happening to me as well. It keeps completing over and over again.