Slag or cryo...opinions 15ch

You were in awe of my icy majesty!

Until we reached a story boss :wink:

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And thats why we make s good team!

Yeah, you kill steal 25% of my Blood Rushes, then I carry your ass through a boss

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Cryo is love, cryo is life. Slag is like diet cryo. And purple.


that is my new favorite quote afro haha

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Buddy, maybe one day you’ll find someone you can actually stand to co-op with.

I wish you luck in your search.

Nah, it’s just co-op in general. Although I may be starting a co-op Diablo 2 with a co-worker at some point. Maybe co-op aRPG in a game I don’t know very well, if at all, will be more fun than co-op FPS of something I play all the time.

I’ll stick to my “I don’t like co-op” reason for now

Good luck!

Too good, well said!

Wait to face a badass in UVHM, and despair as he slices through your shield and health while your concentrated fire feels like tennis balls against a brick wall. But if you freeze the sucker, then blast him with a Ravager, you’ll understand why Cryo can be so much better than those other elements you’re happy with right now.

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slag was fun with axton because of slag turrets so i didnt have to wield a slag weapon or sal with any gun and the grog nozzle, esp after the loot hunt! cryo is fun for the whole family! the fridgia is what got me to love and embrace cryo, everything freezes!
nisha-doesn’t care
aurelia-'nuf said!

I like cryo. It’s a pared-down version of slag, with the added bonus that it can disable enemies other than bosses for several seconds. Frigidia, Snowball? Yeah. LOTS of freezing going on, then swap to a good Torgue spitter and aim critical on the now-defenseless enemy.

THAT said, yeah, I miss slag. And I noticed that it’s still in the game, just not available to US. Some of the Eridians in Vorago Solitude, RK5’s arena, Tycho’s Ribs, and Eleseer can toss slag at you. I think the Invincible Sentinel does, too. THAT hurts. Not having slag to throw back, when we KNOW there’s gonna BE slag later on (BL2), and we know that Hyperion has experimented with slag (fed it to the Destroyer’s eye, in the Eye of Helios, per Jack himself), is just teasing. Taunting, really…

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You know, I remember the RK5 fight, freaking out to my wife that I got flagged and downed as she ran over to get me back up…

Corrected I stand!

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