Slag rapier and grog nozzle

Hello there! I wanted to know if someone could trade me a lvl 50 slag rapier and a evisceration grog nozzle and a love thumper if possible please

Gt: MasterC919

You can get the Grog nozzle from a mission from a claptrap Wizard, you will have to play through a bit of tiny Tina’s assault on dragons keep. But DONT do the mission. If you do the Mission you lose the grog nozzle. The grog nozzle is a mission weapon.

the Grog is a mission item, but Gearbox had a loot hunt several years back and that was one of the Guns they dropped. a bunch of people farmed several at different levels to use/trade, there are still some floating around, but as they are getting rare and not a farmable item, they are not being traded as much, Still you might find someone willing to trade that has a couple to spare