Slag Turret and Dragons

Refresh me…

Will a slag Turret Slag actually slag a grounded Dragon??

Are Magic Missiles effective at all??

I realize there is a risk of the turret targeting an airborne dragon out of the sequence you want…as well as the problem that arises when hitting an airborne dragon with an element other than explosive.

Are you referring to the ancient dragons of destruction? If so, I am fairly positive that they can get slagged, but it only lasts a short duration.

What @johnrr6 said.

The most effective turret use I’ve seen is to wait until your target dragon lands, then land the turrets right in their face. This makes it much less likely that your turrets will target another dragon, giving you a chance to take out the one that’s down. Longbow works best for that.

But the longbow is a fire element and if I hit him in the air with the longbow now he becomes immune to other elemental effects when he lands for one cycle. At least that was the common understanding or year or two ago when we were trying to figure out the dragons.

Have we found some new evidence that this is not the case?

And if the slag only last for a short duration then I think the turret would be your best bet as it would continuously pour slag fire into the Dragon.

And you would just risk that the turret it might target something else. I agree placement close to the Dragon would be critical.

Has anyone noticed that the Turrets draw Agro from flying dragons helping keep them off your back so you can engage?

Sorry for all these questions guys it’s been a while since I’ve worked on the dragons.

For Axton I have used fire and shock interfacers with accompanying bone relic. Anybody got a better solution?

He meant the Longbow Turret skill. It excels at accuracy so when a dragon lands you should throw it as close to them as you can for the best slagging support.

Nothing else to say on my part though, I never farm the dragons and much less play as Axton.

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Longbow turret.

The other approach is Gemini/Phalanx, drop turrets and either stay in the overlapping shields or retreat. Had a quick look, and the following seems to be typical of the approach. Note this is OP8, while a number of the other videos are level 61:

Ahhhh Longbow turret…of course, facepalm

Very nice kill…with Chaotic Evil Mod no less.

He never picked up is turrets which I think was a mistake that prolonged his fight…but you can’t argue with his success. His build puzzles me a bit though…no Willing and he specked Metal Storm, a Kill skill…Lowest Bee Delay is over 5 Seconds…I’d think you’d want that shield back in a hurry.

Used the Grog to rebuild his health and slag…I use the grog so little and I wonder why…it is soooo useful. And Grit was incredible for him!

I wish I could find a way sans Bee.

But so far…all I have had ANY reasonable success with is Shamfleet…not much better than beehawking…LOL

Here’s what I am trying now non slag turret

With a slag turret:

Chaotic Neutral Ranger or Chaotic Evil Ranger
Impact +5 Grit +6 or vice versa

It could be that he doesn’t like respeccing every time he goes to run a different raid/mob/whatever. Or, he might not have bothered with the deep skill tree analysis that some do. I probably tend to more of the “if it works why mess with it” end of that spectrum myself, but then I haven’t personally attempted the dragons on anything other than TVHM. To each his or her own, as usual!

Triad Thunder did it with no bee and no shamfleeting at OP8, you may look there. Leeches were key to survival as i recall. Took 40 minutes and was a level of pain he should have won a medal for but you may look there for some hints. I haven’t done this with Ax in a long time coop(with you:-)) and never even tried solo, i do that with some other characters. I don’t know if you can generate the DPS to kill them without an extended fight if you don’t feature norfleets, baddabooms or bees with Axton. The trouble is that the longer the fight goes the worse it gets if you can’t dispatch them in a couple of landings.

I think I could do it with Flakker/Ahab swapping.

Yeah…cheap, but really no different than Harold/Grog swapping. Heck, Boreshot uses that technique in virtually all of his Raid Kills. And I have seen it used on Terra kills with a Sandhawk/Ladyfist.

By avoiding a Bee, I could also do a tank build with a Blockade and maybe even a Skin of the Ancients to help survivability.

Triad Thunder is a legend…guy refused to use Moxxi weapons and STILL killed all the Raids with Axton.

Don’t know if he ever did Gee though. Gee is tough for Axton.

I did solo axton op8 with only a flakker and a transfusion on all the raids.
Its really not hard.

this isn’t only with the dragons. I use my turrets for this all the time. Also, for enemies that can reflect damage, the turrets are immune to the effect and your shots seem to go right through (or just get stopped by a shield, that depends on the enemy doing the reflecting though)

They still get reflected.
Reflection has w
Weird mechanics.

mostly referring to power loaders on this one. I always have a lot more success with turrets than I do with bullets once their arms start spinning. That, and damage reflected to the turrets has yet to harm my character.

Because the only person who the bullets can harm is the person who fired it.

Tested that numerous times, mainly because I used to run with the pimps biggest advocate and we used to try and kill eachother with mechanics.

Finally settled on no slag turrets and very few points in Guerilla actually…did not even get to Scorched Earth.

Chaotic Neutral Ranger +6 Grit, +5 Ranger
Fire Bone Relic and Explosive Damage Relic
Magic Missiles

Weapons were:
Fire Norfleet
Fire Interfacer

Fire Norfleet to start the fight but you run out of rockets quickly
Flakker /Ahab swap with change to Explosive Damage Relic
DPUH to bring down the Dragon I wanted to engage
DPUH/Grog swap if I needed to rebuild health quickly
Grog and Magic Missiles to slag

Flakker/Ahab with an explosive damage relic is just massive damage…just massive.

I also was able to obtain the “unkillable” build with a Legendary Pointman Com and a Fabled Tortoise but the Tortoise make me soooooo sloooooow and I actually had better luck with the Blockade and Chaotic Neutral Ranger

Still a very dicey fight…I can win about 1 out of 5 Solo as a Commando at OP8

The only thing I could suggest is perhaps putting 4 points in Grit and 1 point in Ranger, since the Class mod you are using boosts Grit by +6 and Ranger by +5. You could then take the extra 5 points and put those in Able like so:

That might help a bit with your survivablity, since Able simply requires you to damage something.

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Will try that.

Unfortunately, it reaaly seems you really need Grit at +10 or +11 for this fight…

It literally is bonging all the time…saving your heinie

But 4 out of Ranger seems doable

I recommended 4 points in Grit since your Class mod would add 6 points for a total of 10 points in Grit. I recommended taking some points out of Ranger since your Class mod adds 5 points, so with 1 point you would have a total of 6 points in Ranger. I am admittedly a bit of an Axton novice, but from what I understand Able is considered a very good skill, especially since it does not require you to actually kill something only to do damage. However, I am not sure if Able will proc from damage that your Turret does or only damage that your character does. Regardless, having a healing skill that will likely proc frequently will probably help with your fight against the Ancient Dragons :blush:

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GT: Poisd2Strike
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Long time Axton player here and Able is…OK.

Ranger at +10 gives you a 10% boost in 7 skills which is noticeable…

It kind of boils down to this…

A little bit of health for a little bit of loss in DPS.

Decisions, decisions…

All this theory crafting is why I still play this game years later…Love It!

Axton doesn’t have the DPS output of other charecters unless you are in a chucking situation with a special build.

One thing is for absolute certain, Flakker/Ahab swapping solves that!